White Wash is done on walls by having a right amount of Whitewash, (known as calcimine, kalsomine, calsomine, or lime paint) with water. If it is more or less then the correct amount, the flakes will come off of the walls soon.

Even after a very good and professional white wash, the flakes start coming off of the wall after 2-3 years. The reason is moisture, heat and dryness.

When the flakes start coming off, before applying new white wash we scrub the wall and remove the remaining white wash on the wall.

Another thing to note is – the residuals remaining after mixing white wash in the container. This is spent calcium which is of no use and must be thrown.

Same is true of the bones. Our body continuously eliminates the calcium and sodium from the body through Urine. A recent scientific study said that there is a single molecule in human body which controls the amount of excretion of sodium and calcium. Though the article seems to draw wrong conclusion that excess consumption of sodium will makes bone lose more calcium, the study may prove to be extremely useful later.

The most important aspect is excretion of calcium from our body. We must consume more of sodium for at least 3-4 days in a month to get rid of excess calcium. This will remove the spent calcium from our body.

Suggestion – Add 1/4 spoon of plain salt to each glass of water. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of salt and water in 24 hours. Soon you will rid yourself of the joints and bone problems.

Osteoporosis is not genetic or a disease.

Heal Spur

It is nothing but spent calcium getting deposited / accumulated in fascia below heal bone. Heal spur is also cured the same way by adding salt to water plus mild stretching of the fascia of the calf muscles. It has to be very mild stretching of the calf muscles for 10-15 seconds 10-20 times in a day. It takes 15-20 days to complete cure Heal Spur.

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