Parenting first 2 years

First 6 months while the baby is on mother’s feed, they should not be given any other fluid in the form of water or other liquids.

New born babies have very soft skin, over hydration may spoil the skin quality of kids.

However the newborn babies may get dehydrated if they are given less then normal feed. In case there are signs of dehydration increase the feed quantity. Kids less then 6 months should not normally be given water and other electrolytes.

Signs of Dehydration

  • Sleepiness more then normal hours
  • Dry mouth and rashes on skin
  • Lethargy
  • Crying without tears
  • Strong smell in urine
  • Soft areas on head

In fact if a parent can manage a perfect hydration for a kid then rest of the life the newborn baby will be disease free. First 6 months are most important for a newborn baby. A parent should gather as much information as possible on proper hydration techniques. Most of the information on internet is coloured. Do not jump to any conclusions on reading first few lines. Most of the web sites present information in such a manner that a parent will not be able to take a decision on his own. Google “hydration for newborn babies”. Read the information and give your comments here as to what it says about water and electrolytes to be given to newborns in first 6 months.

I really feel it very suffocating – I want to know why the newborns should not be given water and other fluids. But there is no one to tell. Now after studying hydration for more than 10 years, I know for sure that water is bad for newborn babies until they are 6 month old. But why is it so. What harm will come to a newborn baby if they are given water. What good will happen if the child is not given water during the first 6 months.

These days there is so much of miss information among young people regarding hydration they the newborns are usually overhydrated and suffer for rest of their lives,

Read the following web site


— and give your impressions –

  • Does it present the information which is easy to understand
  • Does it help you to decide the things upto 95% and only in 5% cases you have to seek medical help

Now the last thing. If you newborn baby suffers cold and cough (for whatever reason – exposure to heat or cold or whatever) your baby is suffering from overhydration or dehydration.

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