PCOS Cure Metabolic Syndrome

PCOS Cure Metabolic Syndrome

PCOS Cure Metabolic Syndrome

PCOS is metabolic syndrome.


What is Metabolic syndrome?


If a person has 3 of the following conditions –

  • Obesity
  • High Blood pressure
  • High Blood sugar
  • High Triglyceride
  • Low HDL

None of the above conditions occur over night. All the above 5 conditions are chronic, meaning that it takes 10s of years for the conditions to manifest.

And the worst part is that medicine systems all over the world have declared that there is no cure for any of the above conditions.

Metabolic syndrome increases the risk of developing heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. There are other conditions that are still not regarded as metabolic syndrome.

The definition of metabolic syndrome is defective. This is based on whims and fancies of the people who control the matters.

First the common cause of metabolic syndrome should be established. And than metabolic syndrome should be defined.

So what should be done to avoid metabolic syndrome.

Define metabolic syndrome correctly by identifying its cause.

What is metabolism?

It is the rate at which the body spends the energy.


The energy to sustain a living organism is made in the cells.

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