Scaling to cavities: 5 dental myths busted

Today I will be reviewing the article in Hindustan Times. Link to the original article is – Scaling to cavities: 5 dental myths busted | Health – Hindustan Times

Since most of the people are impatient and do not want to spend too much time in analyzing things, I would first place my opinion about teeth damage –

Most people must have experienced dry mouth. The doctors explain saying that this is a signal from the body of the need to drink more fluids. Kids experience this more often due to use of soft drinks and other fluids like milk etc. Moreover the need for fluids in kids is very less.

Drinking excess fluids is the real cause of dry mouth. Dry mouth means sticky saliva. People who experience dry mouth will have food debris trapped in the saliva. These food debris will stay in the mouth even after brushing.

Hydration dehydration cycles help make excessive saliva (just the right quantity). Watery saliva is gulped after every few minutes removing the food particles from the mouth after a meal. If there are no food debris in the mouth for extended period of time, there will be no fermentation of the food particles. The fermentation process causes growth of harmful bacteria causing damage to the gums and teeth. These findings are based on the testimonials of the 1000s of real patients. These testimonials have been put on my youtube channel – One Cure for All Diseases. These testimonials are in the form of mobile recordings with the patients. Click here for my youtube channel.

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Now review of the above articles starts

The word myth means general opinion of the people in the today’s society based on the belief held in long past. Scaling is not an old practice or procedure. Teeth scaling is new procedure. Scaling and associated beliefs do not qualify to be called myths.

The inputs for the article are provided by a doctor who has a business interest in promotion of scaling. It is not a neutral article. There is no indication in the article that an investigation has been carried out by Hindustan Times before publishing the article.

Now Hindustan Times is a big newspaper. It could have asked readers to respond to the article and based on the feedback from the readers it could publish the facts. Instead it chose a way which helps them in promoting their business interest by way of more advertisements.

First myth, the above article attempts to bust is – Scaling is not good for teeth.

It says extensive scaling is harmful. It does not specify what is extensive scaling. If repeated scaling is harmful then even a single scaling will do some damage. Scaling removes tartar.

What is tartar – A hard calcified deposit that forms on the teeth. The outer layer of the teeth is enamel. So this deposit is made on the enamel. It is impossible to remove this tartar without causing some damage to the enamel. Tartar is hard and calcified. It eats into the enamel.


People who get scaling done are the people who can bust this myth and not the doctors. Instead of presenting the data of the patients (which is easily available with the doctors who do the scaling), making such reckless statements is criminal in nature since it causes physical harm to the public at large.

Second myth, the above article attempts to bust is – Teeth whitening is harmful, as it damage enamel.

This is same as myth number one. Myth is about damage to the teeth. Enamel is the protective layer on the teeth. Repeating a lie is an attempt to make things more authentic.

Third myth, the above article attempts to bust is – Only sugar causes cavities

This is not a belief or myth among public. This is spread by doctors themselves. Today 90% and children below the age of 10 have to undergo dental fillings before they lose their milk teeth. When people ask their doctors the cause of such an increase in dental problems these days, their response is chocolates, sugar and ice creams. The real cause is brushing by young kids. Every tooth paste has abrasives. They damage the enamel of the kids. Kids have very weak enamel which is easily damaged by the tooth paste and brush used for brushing teeth.

There used to be advertisements which used to recommend that one should brush teeth immediately after eating a meal. I saw 100s of such advertisements. These statements used to be made by persons wearing doctors clothes.

Sticky saliva (Lack of enough saliva) causes cavities, gum disease etc. You can experience 2 to 5 fold increase in saliva in 24 to 48 hours by following hydration dehydration cycles. These so called doctors will tell you that dry mouth is caused due to diabetes. That is wrong. Diabetes is caused due to excessive fluid intake over a long period of time. Dry mouth is caused due to drinking excess fluids. Excess fluid intake is the cause for increase in number of type 1 patients among kids.

This articles also mentions about limiting the intake of acidic food. All food are acidic. Some are more acidic and some are less acidic. Usually vitamin C food and fruits are more acidic. Lack of vitamin C will cause other issues. It is excess of Vitamin C fruits and food that should be well balanced. Doctors are too good at spreading the rumours. But most of the places you will see that excess vitamin C is not harmful.

Fourth myth, the above article attempts to bust is – Brushing your bleeding gums is bad.

Brushing with softest brush available in market will help remove some bacterial growth in your mouth. But brushing should not be continued for long periods. Brushing should be done for 1 or 2 days. That is enough to remove the bacteria. Within these 2 days you will be able to increase your saliva by following hydration dehydration cycles.

Fifth myth, the above article attempts to bust is – Using sugarless chewing gum with Xylitol after meal can replace brushing.

Sugar has nothing to do with the bacteria growth in the mouth. Bacteria growth is also a defence system to remove the food debris in the mouth to minimise the damage to the teeth. Chewing gum can remove some food debris but not all. Chewing is not a solution to increase the saliva on a permanent basis. May work only for 4-5 days at max. Do not trust anything. Test the above on your for 48 hours and you will know the truth. You will also understand whom to trust for your health matters.

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