Seek Diabetes Cure Volunteers

Seek Diabetic Cure Volunteers

Do you meet the following conditions:-

  • You are 30 to 50 year old
  • You are Diabetic
  • You are insulin dependent for not more than 5 years
  • You are otherwise healthy and do not suffer any other disease
  • You do not suffer from High/ Low Blood Pressure
  • You can enroll for 10 days residential program for Diabetes Cure

I Seek Diabetes Cure Volunteers because I believe that every disease can be cured. So if you meet the above criteria, please give your contact details at –

  • whatsapp – 919971730965
  • Email –

I will consider only 3-5 eligible Volunteers for Diabetes Cure in 10 days at a time. No communication in respect of prior enrollment of a candidate will be considered.

I expect that after going through this cure for 10 days one will be completely cured of diabetes. He will not be required to observe any restrictions on his diet for rest of his life. Can eat any amount of sugar and other carbohydrates. Excess of sugar beyond reasonable limits will have other health implications but will not result in diabetes who participate in the program.


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