Stroke Cure

Stroke Cure

Stroke is caused due to failure of blood to flow free to all parts of the brain. This may happen due to excessive dehydration. Excessive dehydration could happen due to extremely low water intake or very high water intake.

If a person is more likely to have stroke he or she may practice the following.

increase the intake to water to about 8 to 12 glasses of water spread evenly during the day for a period of 10 days.

After 10 days the person should stop taking the fluids for 24 to 36 hours.

10 days water intake of 8 to 12 glasses a day will prepare the body for remove of excess water of high quantity. Restricting the water intake for 24 to 36 hours will force the body to remove excess water from all parts of the body. This may be evident in the form of cough with some blood. That blood is usually the clot which may cause stroke.

For curing any disease the exact cause needs to be known. The fluid imbalance in the body is main cause for all diseases. There is nothing in the body which moves without support from the fluid in the body. The air that we inhale is also moved with the help of fluids in the body.

Changing the fluid intake causes cough. Cough is an indication of fluid imbalance in the body. Persistent cough increases the risk for a stroke. Increased fluid intake followed by dehydration removes the cough from the body at a very fast pace. So that means the fluid imbalance in the body is rectified and the person should get cured.


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  2. My name is Manish Koshal, male, born in 1968 and suffered a brain hammeorage stroke in October 2010 due to history of high blood pressure. I was discovered unconscious after 7 hours and taken to the hospital, where I was operated upon right side hematoma. Post operation, left side paralysed hemiplegic. Was in the ICU and room for 15 days and discharged thereafter. Back at home, acupressure and physiotherapy commenced. Till now, I have subjected myself to various treatments like ayurvedic medicines, homeopathic medicines, hydro therapy, MNS stimulations, ayurvedic body massage etc. Have recovered some of the motor movement of hand and leg. I have yet to get any movement in my wrist, fingers, toes and ankle. Plus hand and leg movement to open and function smoothly and to get rid of the stick I use when walking outdoors.
    Some recent observations that are negative in nature are:
    Twisting of foot towards outside
    Knee getting into hyper extension (in Oct. 2013), making it painful and the knee makes a sound while moving. Happened due to weakness of the thigh muscles, specially the hamstring muscles and overstretching of the knee muscles.
    Foot not landing properly. Instead of the heel striking the ground first, the toes tend to go first. Foot falls and lifts up flat with a thump. This is due to the hyper extended knee.
    The muscles in the sole and toes seem very flimsy when wearing shoes
    I m feeling cold more on the effected parts resulting in stiffness
    Foot not having the strength to pull due to weakness of the hamstrings muscles
    Hand falls off the chair arm rest while sitting – weakness of muscles
    Muscle weakness to use hand and leg flexibly
    Less blood circulation in the effected parts
    I look forward to a sure cure for myself for the remaining movements to get myself back to my earlier self and look forward to any solution that you can offer.
    Manish Koshal
    B-5/4483, Vasant Kunj,
    New Delhi- 110070, India
    Mobile No. : +91 9811153104
    E. Mail ID:

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