Using Oils on skin Tips

Using Oils on skin Tips


You have seen on the previous article on sun tanning, oils and moisturizers are muscle relaxant and slow down or deactivate the natural skin defence mechanism. Skin with Oils when exposed to sun causes deep damage.


But is there any use of these oils and muscle relaxants. Yes.


Since these oils and moisurizers relaxes the skin tissues, these can be used to get rid of unwanted matters trapped in the layers of the skin.


So applying the oils and other moisturizers during night helps in relaxing the tissues and getting rid of matters trapped in the layers of the skin.


Using facials and threading is a skin damaging process in the long run with some possible benefits. At times one may find it difficult to avoid these in view of social compulsions.


Tips for Threading and Facial


  • Use Creams and Moisturizers on Day 1 night.
  • Wash the creams and Moisturizers with simple plain soap on Day 2 morning.
  • Wash the face and other areas with luke warm water on Day 3 morning go for facial or Threading. Use water liberally.
  • Do not use soap before facial or threading.
  • Do not hard scrub skin. Just dry the skin by softly using a cotton towel.


What the above tips would mean?


Use of oils and cream would help get rid of the unwanted matters trapped in the inner layers of the skin during night.


By washing the skin next day with soap would restore the natural defence mechanism of the skin.


But not using the soap or oil for 24 hours would help get rid of some more unwanted matters trapped in inner layers of the skin.


The most important thing is to have natural sebum oils before exposing the skin to the damaging effects of facial and threading. Sebum oil is excreted from the skin. This will keep the natural defence system of the skin in tact while making it easier to remove unwanted hair.


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