Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-08

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-08

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-08Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-08

Today morning weight is 75.9 kg. For the first after such a long time I met weight loss target. I am bit worried that it may be just water loss and it may not work in future. But I am sure after few failures I will be able to put it back on right track.

Some work related commitments seems to be derailing the entire process. I am trying to make at least 15 hours a day to stay focused on weight loss.

Another big distracting thing is the Hope that yesterday I hit upon an idea that these 7 day experiments results will help me cure Diabetes in 24 hours – Both type A and Type B. This is going to my head. So today I will try to get into work and stop thinking too much into it. Though I should be given 2 Nobel Prized for this month.

But IĀ appeal to the readers to tell your friends that I am desperately looking for a diabetic in the age group of 40 to 50 with strong health except for Diabetes.

Today target Google Fit Data

Distance 12 kms

Calories 2500

Time 3 hours

Steps 25000

Target weight for tomorrow

75.5 kg

Weight loss of 1 pounds per day is too flattering. But I will go for it. Let us see.

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