Weight Loss Success story

Weight Loss Success story

Weight Loss Success storyWeight Loss Success story
I am 53. I had been sports person all my life. But since I was from middle class and did not have enough funds to buy sports equipment or to spend any money on only sports things, we were never so regular.
About 10 years back I weighed 75 kg with 165 cm height and that bothered me. Along came poor health conditions. I started playing badminton. Gradually increased badminton playing time to 3 to 4 hours per day. Did swimming, played volleyball. But weight refused to come down.
During this period I had started researching on various health conditions. My overall impression was that none of the medicine systems or weight loss systems are worth trying. That I had to develop my own system.
During this period I subscribed to lot of web sites and blogs concerning weight loss and body building.
By this time my children and nephews etc had grown up and started gym and other things to get fitter. I cautioned every one about the bad side effects of the same. No body listened and every body ended gaining huge weights.
I developed a theory about 3 years back. But since I did not have major health issues I did not try that seriously.
During last 3 years my children also started gaining weight. Though my children had perfect body weight and were extremely conscious of the health, they gained weight moment that started going to gym.
But my children refused to listen to my theory. They said that unless I lose substantial weight they will not listen to me,
From 1.4.2016, I started working on my theory. By 30.06.2016 I lost 5 kg weight. But that was not enough to convince my children.
My daughter has to appear in CAT exam in Nov 2016. I laid a condition. Unless she starts working on my theory I will not help her in cracking her CAT exams. And she was serious about clear CAT exam with top rank since she had poor marks in 10th and graduation. She reluctantly she started. Within 7 days she was losing weight and overall results for her exam preparation were shocking, She could easily study upto 10 hours a day with breaks without getting depressed. And on top of that she was losing weight as well as inches. In last 20 days she lost 3 kg from 58.5 to 55.5 inspite of eating junk, missing the targets of walking etc.
Earlier she was jogging in park. She was spending 1 hour in park. After coming back she was tired and could not focus on studies for next 2–3 hours. After that she used to lose focus every 20–30 minutes. So studies were suffering a lot.
Now others also started taking interest recently. And I hope to make it the best theory in the world.

And here goes the Theory
Loose or gain 5 to 10 kg weight in 3 months without dieting and exercising or supplements. The weight that you lose or gain by this method will be permanent and healthy.
Walking for 5 minutes every hour or 10–12 times in a day bare foot or otherwise helps to lose weight in a very healthy and permanent way.
Exercises are health hazards
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Calorie Management
Every one has heard a million times that one has to burn calories to lose weight.

And I thought that to burn calories one has to heat up the body.

That is the single most reason that not more than 0.001% people succeed to lose weight for life.

Food Cycle (What happens with the food that we eat)
Nutrients from what ever we eat, gets into blood. The food gets in through stomach then small intestines, large intestines and then out of body. Through this journey there are stomach acids, enzymes etc which get added to the food. But in this entire process there is no calorie generation.
During this journey when the food is in small intestines, the nutrients are absorbed from small intestine into an artery carrying blood. Then the blood along with the nutrients absorbed from small intestines are filtered by liver and kidneys.
Then this filtered blood is passed on to every cell of the body. Cells of the body carry out metabolic process and convert the nutrients in blood into energy. It is here in cells that manufacturing of calories takes place.
The energy or calories produced by the body is then used by the vital organs of the body or vital processes of the body. Vital organs like – heart, kidney, brain, liver, stomach, small intestines, large intestines etc. Vital processes – blood circulation, removal of waste from cells and tissues etc. All these need energy to operate properly.
If excess energy is produced by the body, then this must be used in external physical movements or exercises. Exercise is not something that is needed or that is essential. But exercise or movements help to push the nutrients to furthermost cells in the body. If there is lack of movement, the nutrients will not be pushed to further most cells and will not generate any energy.
Now some where here the solution to weight gain or weight lose is located.
My personal opinion is that based on the health status of a person, liver decides what nutrients or chemicals have to be filtered out or not. Cells get whatever they have been getting based on previous manufacturing or previous metabolic history of the body.
Based on my personal experiences, I started working on weight lose from 1 April, 2016. I was weighing 79.5 kg on 1 April, 2016. My target is to lose 20 to 25 kg weight. On this day (11.07.2016) I weighed 74 kg. And I am very unhappy about it. I will be doing something about this. According to the theory the weight loss of gain could be much faster than this. May be due to my age (I am 53 year old) the weight loss is slow. My daughter is showing much faster results thought she is not overweight by more than 3–4 kg.
My theory is that – if I exercise or do other physical movements, I will burn extra calories. These calories are burnt out of reserves maintained in the body. If we do lot of exercise and exceed the reserves, the body start cutting down the supply of energy for vital organs and vital processes.
That is the reason that we get tired. We need rest after exercise.
The energy generation at cell level does not increase significantly in the short run. That is the reason that the energy spent in exercises do not show in weight loss.
What interval walking does or interval exercises do to the body.
Let us say a person walks for 5 minutes. He will burn extra calories equal to 4 x 5 = 20 calories. This excess can be met from the reserves maintained in blood in the form of blood sugar.
As per my observation , the person does not get tired. Rather the person gets warmed up. He is usually more alert and his movements improve after this. the vital organs start getting more energy.
After the person stops walking, the Resting Metabolic Rate starts coming back to normal. But remains high for considerable period of time. The body sends signals to the cells to function better and increase the calorie production.
Calorie calculations
The following calculations will throw some light on the calorie burned by interval walking.
Let us assume that –
Resting Metabolic Rate of a person is 1.2 calories per minute.
Let us say a person walks for 5 minutes every 60 minutes. During walking his body will burn 5 calories per minute (Average). So extra calories burned will be (5–1.2) x 5 = 19 calories.
But this will result into Resting Metabolic rate to go up to 1.5 for the next 55 minutes due to increased functioning of heart, kidneys etc.
Now in 16 hours the person will burn – 19 x 16 (walks 5 minutes every 60 minutes for 16 hours) plus 0.3 x 1440 (there are 1440 minutes in 24 hours) = 520 calories.
That is good enough to lose 1 kg weight in 7 days. That translates to 4 kg per month.
It seems that walking 5 minutes every 60 minutes is very easy job. It is not. The sheer amount of extra calories that needs to be produced by cells to meet this extra demand is not possible in short run. So it will result in getting extremely tired.
So do not take the things to this level in the beginning.
Now let us look at what happens when we exercise heavily.
Let us say jogging time is 15 minutes, we may burn 10 calories per minute.
Total calories burnt 15 x 10 = 150
Extra calories burnt = 150 – 1.2 *15 = 132 calories
For a over weight person, 15 minutes is too much. The person will be dead tired. His body will not be able to meet the needs of the internal organs. The body will ration the calories of vital organs. Let us say during rest period the calorie allocation for vital organs comes down from 1.2 to 1.0 calories.
And that will be the situation for next 24 hours. ie. 14440 x 0.2 = 288 calories will be saved.
To make up for low calories available for vital organs person will eat more. That will add some calories.
This explains why most of people gain weight after engaging in heavy duty exercises.
What is shocking is that people never admit to gaining weight by exercises. Their excuse is that they gained weight because they did not continue exercise. That is funny. This much loyality to stupid ideas is not required. Be up front and blame the people who advise high intensity exercises.
You can see the results of Biggest Loser reality show online.
If ‘The Biggest Loser’ Doesn’t Work, Why Is It Still On The Air?
Now you have reasons to speak up.
My recommendations
Walk for 5 minutes 10 to 12 times in a day with minimum 1 hour gap.
If that prove too much and results in fatigue, reduce walking to 2 to 3 minutes at a time.
After 15–20 days increase walking to 5 minutes.
This should be enough to lose weight month after another.

References – Resting metabolic rate of top rated athletes is generally 40 beats per minute. That is enough indication that exercise reduces the amount of energy that is available to the vital organs of the body. Reduced availability of energy for vital organs is the cause of chronic diseases falling in the group of metabolic syndrome such as diabetes, hypertension, heart and kidney failure.

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