What can be the permanent cure of mouth ulcers

What can be the permanent cure of mouth ulcers

What can be the permanent cure of mouth ulcers

If you are drinking more than 2 liters of water every day than you can get relief from mouth ulcers in 18 hours by not drinking any fluids.

For long term and permanent relief from mouth ulcers do hydration / dehydration cycles every 15 days for 3 months.

For details on hydration / dehydration cycles read my blog. In brief hydration cycles consists of –

day 1 – Drink 100 ml water every 1 hour from 7 am to 6 pm

Day 2 – no water or other fluid intake.

Day 3,4,5,6 – Drink 150–200 ml water 1 hour before each meal. Total water intake 500 ml in a day.

Repeat the above for 2 weeks.

Read the explanation for the above cure at -http://healthyindianow.in

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  1. Hi,
    My mother is 68, is suffering with mouth ulcers for almost a year and half. She had lost too much of weight owing to lack of protein 3-4 years back, though her protein levels are decent now, but still very lean.
    Initially when she got mouth ulcers they even started to spread over her lips. Of late she has started doing baking soda mouth wash, consuming aleovera juice and trifla powder mouth wash, her symptoms has reduced a little. But she has not been able to eat all sour foods, khoya, spicy foods and so many fruits and other things. Her dietary intake is also very small- two chapati -subji and small bowl of sprouts or Daliya in total a day . It looks like she has those ulcers spreading in her throat and may be intestine. Doctors simply provide some ointment and some medicine without providing any reasons or suggest any diagnostic test. My question is will this hydration and dehydration therapy be ok with her age and conditions? Could you suggest any plan specific for her? Can she take ors in water, when on limited water intake?


    1. Usually hydration dehydration is good for anybody at any age.
      I used this on my father about 6 years back when doctors said the chances of recovery of my father is zero and he is going to die in 15 days or so. He started recording in 48 hours. Again he suffered from similar septicemia 3 years later and doctors said that he is not going to survive for even 48 hours. But he recovered in 48 hours.
      I am 56 year old and I do it almost every 10 days for last 20 years.

      Usually mouth ulcers take 15 to 18 hours to heal up by dehydration. You can search “Health00303” on my youtube channel. You can hear the testimony of a person on mouth ulcers.

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