Sinus Causes and Treatment

Sinus Causes and Treatment

Sinus Causes and TreatmentSinus Causes and Treatment

Click here to read about the treatment offered by the so called modern scientists and doctors.

I will try to give my comments against each of the treatment options below –

The primary objectives for treatment of sinusitis are reduction of swelling, eradication of infection, draining of the sinuses, and ensuring that the sinuses remain open.

My comment on Reduction of Swelling – There is only one thing that is moves in the body and that is fluid. So the swelling could be caused only by fluids. So the first line of treatment should be reducing the fluids in the body. The easiest and nature friendly way of doing that is – dehydration for 24 to 36 hours. However extreme dehydration can also cause sinus. So if a person is drinking less than 2 litres of water on daily basis, he would do better by increasing water intake to about 2.5 to 3 litres a day for 1 day. On Day 2 he can dehydrate himself to get complete relief. More options to dehydrate on home page.

My comments on eradication of Infection – Antibiotics and Analgesics – These heat up the body – Dehydration for 24 hours to 48 hours heat up the body more than these medicines can do in 7 days. And there is no side effect of dehydration if done with some basic knowledge about the hydration system of the body.

My comments on draining the sinuses – If swelling and infections are removed than there remains nothing which holds back the cough in sinuses. Allow all the cough to leave your body completely. It may take upto 7 days.

Decongestants – a decongestant to help your sinuses drain. Decongestants are for short-term use. Should not be used beyond their recommended use, usually four to five days, or they may actually increase congestion. Click here to understand why decongestants are not recommended for children below 12 years of age. Decongestants are basically antihistamines which cause dehydration. Antihistamines are naturally found in the body. For some reason they stop working. So instead of making your natural antihistamines work, they pharma companies flood you with more antihistamines. What is this???? You are made to take medicine for dehydrating yourself. Are you gone made. Do you need pharma company’s medicines with dangerous side effects to dehydrate you. I think you can do better yourself. But what is this nonsense – Why they say that decongestants is not the cure. It simply helps to get rid of some of the matter. This is very confusing. Why you do not do some thing easier. read my comments below. Oh my God It seems that the above link is of UK govt health care system. So they must be very serious about the whole thing. But why are they not saying the things clearly. Some one seems to be holding them back.

My Comments on Decongestants – So you see the side effects. The decongestants cause congestion after 4-5 days. Why because you took additional antihistamine medicines. There there is excess antihistamine in your body. So the body starts removing the excess. Soon again your body gets on the lower side of the Antihistamines. To better understand this concept. Simply increase your water intake. After some time the body will reconfigure its systems to flush out the excess water. Now if you go back to your normal water intake, you will find that your water retention has disappeared. The body’s learning system is very fast. Normally it corrects itself in 24 hours. That is why a day is made of 24 hours. That is a complete body cycle system.

24 to 48 hours dehydration does not cause congestion after 4 days. 24 to 48 hours of dehydration will leave your sinuses completely dry even if you try not to clean them. There are no side effects.

Surgeries for Sinusitis:

My comments on surgery – Any type of surgery causes scar tissues. You can google on scar tissues or find more information on Scar tissues always cause problems with fluid management. 95% of the surgeries cause long term complications. You can read more about the complication of any surgery on google by searching for Open heart surgery side effects, kidney surgery side effects.

There is no disease on this earth which can not be cured within 24 hours. We need to explore this side of the science more than pharma companies do in spreading the false stories about their products.

Insomenia – Depression – Sugar – News

Insomenia – Depression – Sugar – News

So far I cured 5 person of Insomnia and Depression within less then 4 hours of giving them very small amounts of plain table sugar with 3o minutes to 1 hour gap.

Recently I read the news that even small amounts of plain sugar is very bad for health. I wonder who is promoting such news. What the FDA and Indian Council for Medical research is doing amount such news items.

It is really a shame that govts does exist in this world and they do nothing about such things.

Metabolic syndrome – Tea – Blood Pressure – Blood Sugar

Metabolic syndrome – Tea – Blood Pressure – Blood Sugar

When I was studying in 12 some one told me that eating less and eta helps in improving the memory. Since I wanted to top the Examinations I started eating just enough to live. During 12th Class I started drinking 6 to 8 cups of strong tea or coffee during the day. Before my 12th class I was not a fan of tea. I hardly used to drink tea.

After my exams were over in March I stopped drinking tea. For next 1 month I was just sleaping. I was as if I have been drugged.

But the thing which I realised today was there was no head ache in the begining. I do not remember if there was head ache later when the withdrawal effects of tea were completely gone.

Later when I was around 40 I was drinking 3-4 cups of tea most of the days. But if I would drink any less tea or will stop drinking tea there were no extreme withdrawal symptoms of tea.

For last 5-6 years I am not drinking tea. But every 2-3 months I used to drink few cups of tea just to understand how tea works.

As I became more independent of tea, I came to realise that the withdrawal symptoms of tea were extreme difficult and unmanageable. For last 2 years now if I drink even 1/2 cup of tea that can keep me awake during the night.

The most important aspect is that if after drinking 1/2 or 1 cup of tea I stop drinking tea the next day I will have unmanageable head aches. I always wondered why it was so severe pain. Today there seems to be some explanation for that pain.

Tea diverts the total energy available in the body. The use of tea from the internal organs shifts to external activities. So if a person drinks tea once in a while this total energy shifts from internal organs to external activities.

A person who is habitual of drinking tea, this internal organs learn to work at much lower energy levels and hence cause metabolic syndrome. So if he stops drinking tea he will not experience extreme pain and discomfort. The reason is that his internal organs are used to working at very low energy. So when he stops drinking tea the energy does not shift to internal organs within 24 hours. It takes very long time for the internal organs to come back to full energy levels.

The pain happens when there is sudden shifting of the energy towards vital organs. The vital organs start working at a much higher energy levels. How exactly that happens may be some one who is reading this can help.

I will try to build up further from experiences that friends may share with me in coming days.

Depression – Low Sugar intake

Depression – Low Sugar intake

Depression – Low Sugar intakeDepression - Low Sugar intake

  • Joined gym in the last week of Feb 2014 to loose some weight.
  • Low sugar intake
  • On 15.03.2014 lost sleep and disturbing discomfort. For next 72 hours the situation remained tense.
  • On 17.03.20114 took 2 small spoons of sugar with 30 minutes gap. Ate a small icecream and gradual intake of sugar.
  • in 4 hours the comfort level came back.
  • Could get sound sleep.

Do not cut down on sugar intake drastically. Long term deprivation of sugar may have long term health implication which may be impossible to recover later.

How dangerous is tea

How dangerous is tea

  • Tea has zero calories.
  • Most of people around the world drink tea when they feel low on energy.
  • Tea provides instantaneous alertness and energy.
  • The calories in milk and sugar that goes into tea does not have in themselves enough to provide that instantaneous energy and alertness.
  • All other stimulants like alcohol, drugs etc. have high calorie value in them to provide that extra energy.
  • On average a person eats about 2000 to 2500 calories a day.
  • There are 1440 minutes in 24 hours.
  • That is about 1.5 calories a minute is required. Almost all of this calorie is needed to run the internal organs and systems like brain, heart, kidney, liver, blood pressure, body temperature, digestion etc.
  • In 24 hours a person may spend about 50 to 500 calories in external activities like walking, running, exercise, sports etc.

Based on above we can conclude that when a person gets up in the morning the level of energy in his body is constant. If a person feels low on energy in the morning, that is an indication that his entire energy is channelised to run his internal organs and systems.

Why Tea is Dangerous for the Human body

  • By drinking tea the body does not get extra energy since there is no calories in tea.
  • The body simple diverts the existing energy that is used for internal organs and internal systems to external activities.
  • That would mean that tea makes less energy available for internal vital organs.
  • That would mean that our vital organs will work at reduced energy levels.
  • From this one can conclude that tea causes metabolic syndrome.
  • Metabolic syndrome is responsible for Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Heart ailments, Stroke, Constipation and every other disease.

Why there is often news that tea is good for heart and for other things

  • Check what is source of the news.
  • Check the source of scientific study that is referred.
  • Check the details of scientific studies.
  • Send a RTI to Indian Council for Medical Research to get a copy of the original research.

You are most likely to face the wall. There is no serious long term scientific study on the effects of tea consumption.

I made some efforts for collecting the data on the effects of tea consumption. You may see the results of the scientific research at the this link.


Sinus – Dehydration

I experimented with dehydration to extremes. I used to stay without water for upto 48 hours in summers with 45 degree C temperature and then play badminton during afternoon hours without sipping a drop of water. This went of like this for years.

Recently I found that my pulse rate and blood pressure started increasing. The pulse rate used to be more than 110 at times. The Blood Pressure used to be 140/90. I found that there was some link between water intake, pulse rate and blood pressure.

I also felt that I suffered some minor strokes off late. There was noticeable swelling on right side of the face (on area close to ear). That used to be after playing badminton for excessive periods of 2-4 hours. So I increased my water intake to about 8 to 10 glasses of water.

Last 15 days I had sinus. For last 4-5 years I had no cold and cough or sinus related problems. But I kept my water intake on higher side due to fear of blood clots due to dehydration.

When the things did not improve even after 15 days, I gave up water and all fluids for 48 hours and got complete relief from sinus and associated pains. In a normal case the sinus would have disappeared on its own if I was playing my badminton or doing some other exercises. But I did not water to do exercises due to excessive dehydration fear. To my mind dehydration thru restricting water intake is much safe.

After around 36 hours I got complete relief from Sinus. This again confirmed my belief that dehydration is the only cure of sinus.

Schizophrenia Cure

Schizophrenia Cure

A lady had relapse of Schizophrenia on 28.02.2014. Her medication was started on that day itself. Every passing day her condition worsened. Yesterday she drank almost 15 litres of water in 24 hours. The only option that was being considered by her family members was – admitting her in hospital.

At this time they chose to try one last option – Her water intake was cut off completely. She was given sugar sweets every 1 hours. By evening she was back to normal.

The most potent cure for Schizophrenia could be – restricting water intake and regular intake of sugar in small quantities every one hour. The sugar quantity that can be considered – 1/2 spoon every hour.

Please be warned. Sugar in excess will not help. It may in fact increase the complications.

The usual drugs which are prescribed for Schizophrenia are extremely dehydrating. Because of extreme dehydration and thought trains the affected person ends up drinking too much water and other liquids to control the thought trains. This is the main reason for weight gain and delays in action of the drugs. It usually takes 15 days after the start of the drugs to stablise the patient.

With restricting water and other liquids the relief can be felt in a matter of few hours (the period could be as short as 2 hours in most of the cases). Sugar (sweets) along with restricting water can have positive effects in a matter of 1 hour.

Now it appears that people with Schizophrenia have low appetite for sugar and sweets. They complain of vomiting feeling when they take small amounts of sugar every hour. It will not be out of place to fill up the following form to collect the requisite data. Click here to fill up the form

Eye Exercises

Eye Exercises

It is believed that if a person with poor vision does not wear glasses, his vision will get worse. But that is far away from truth.

See what American Vision Insitute has to say about poor vision here.

According to the Institute the main causes of poor vision are – reading, watching TV and Computer. In reading eyes are focused on the object at a fixed distance. The eyes get used to focusing on objects at a particular distance. That is the reason that people who did not learnt to read, did not have poor vision.

The mistake that the Institute makes is that they recommend the eye exercises for 30-45 minutes. I did try eye exercises for such periods of time. Since the impact can be felt in few seconds after exercises one feels may be more is better. The only change I would suggest is to do the eye exercises for 1 minutes at a time. One can repeat the exercise 10-15 times in a day with a minimum of 30 minutes gap between two exercises.

Second the most important aspect is to correct the physical deformity of the eye ball. So the exercises suggesting pressure points is another good thing.

Weight Loss – Atkin Diet – Cancer

Weight Loss – Atkin Diet – Cancer

Weight Loss – Atkin Diet – CancerWeight Loss - Atkin Diet - Cancer

On 06.03.2014 there was health news – about the link between cancer and protein diet. Click here to see the complete story.

The research says that people who eat animal proteins are as likely to die of cancer as people who smoke 20 cigarettes a day.

Now that is something to consider. Atkin diet has been around for more than 70 years now. But a word has come out now in public about the diet.

There is still not a word about so many other aspects of atkin diet. There is still not word around about lack of sugar in diet. Lack of adequate amount of sugar is killing more people in the world then any other thing.

You may like to wait and see for yourself. Sugar is the most essential element of diet which is being ignored by all scientists.

The truth about Dr. Robert Atkin who made millions selling the Atkin diet

Dr. Atkin diet of heart ailments. He weighed 117 kg at the time of his death. And he was supposed to help the world get in shape. And I thought 117 kg is too much for a person to make such wild claims.

This is the dark side of media.