Weight Loss – Atkin Diet – Cancer

Weight Loss – Atkin Diet – Cancer

Weight Loss – Atkin Diet – CancerWeight Loss - Atkin Diet - Cancer

On 06.03.2014 there was health news – about the link between cancer and protein diet. Click here to see the complete story.

The research says that people who eat animal proteins are as likely to die of cancer as people who smoke 20 cigarettes a day.

Now that is something to consider. Atkin diet has been around for more than 70 years now. But a word has come out now in public about the diet.

There is still not a word about so many other aspects of atkin diet. There is still not word around about lack of sugar in diet. Lack of adequate amount of sugar is killing more people in the world then any other thing.

You may like to wait and see for yourself. Sugar is the most essential element of diet which is being ignored by all scientists.

The truth about Dr. Robert Atkin who made millions selling the Atkin diet

Dr. Atkin diet of heart ailments. He weighed 117 kg at the time of his death. And he was supposed to help the world get in shape. And I thought 117 kg is too much for a person to make such wild claims.

This is the dark side of media.

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