What is insulin resistance

What is insulin resistance

What is insulin resistance

It is said that in diabetes cells become insulin resistant. Still we target to deliver more insulin to cells – if cells have become insulin resistant, then it is counter productive to deliver more insulin to cells.

Second if insulin is delivered in blood directly it brings about a change in blood sugar levels immediately.

But when we deliver the insulin under the skin it spreads slowly through intricate network of veins and bring change in blood glucose swiftly.

Why do we measure blood glucose when we need to supplement insulin in the body. We can measure insulin shortage in blood and supplement insulin based on those readings.

I doubt whether any study has been done to check the effectiveness of insulin delivery in the blood.

What happens if diabetic stops medicines

What happens if diabetic stops medicines

What happens if diabetic stops medicines

A lady aged 60 years discussed hydration dehydration cycles. She decided to take the chance with hydration dehydration cycles and stopped her BP and Diabetes medicines from day 1.

She was diabetic for more than 5 years. Her age Blood sugar with medicines used to be 200/300 (fasting and random).

First 5 days, after she stopped her medicines for diabetes and BP the blood sugar, readings were as under –




missed taking a reading


During this period she drank water with meals only. 3 glasses a day. But she continued drinking tea.

Another friend of mine aged 55 years also agreed to try hydration dehydration cycles and walk and rest routines. He was diabetic and BP patient for more than 20 years. He did not stop the medicines immediately.

Initially he reported being very lazy. After about 15-20 he stopped taking medicines for diabetes. Still his blood sugar levels remained at normal levels. After about 30 days he reduced his BP medicines to half. Still his blood pressure remained normal.

This was the case with 3 more patients.

Most shocking is the case of a 28 year old male. He was told by doctors in multi speciality hospital that his pancreas is 98% damaged and he will have to get pancreas transplant done or continue with insulin and medicines for life. For last 2 months he is without any medicines and insulin. Still his blood pressure readings are way better then these used to be with medicines and insulin. He started taking 5-6 spoons of sugar as well. Even then his blood sugar level used to be normal.

Same is the case of a 20 year old boy. He also reported excellent result within 5 days of starting hydration dehydration. He reduced his diabetes medicines to half and reduced his insulin by 4 points in first 4 days.

With these results I wonder whether this happens without hydration dehydration cycles as well, in case the person stops taking medicines, will his blood sugar level falls initially.

Please give feedback and comments. And also explain why and how this happens.

Diabetes and Blood pressure testimonials

Diabetes and Blood pressure testimonials

Diabetes and Blood pressure testimonials

Male. 55 Year old. Taking BP and diabetes medicines for more than 15 years. Active. Spends 2 hours walking, exercising and sports for more than 10 years.

In 7 days stopped taking medicines for diabetes. After about 20 days stopped taking medicines for Blood pressure.

Drank 1 glass of water with each meal. Drank about 2 to 3 glasses of water without meals as well. Stopped drinking tea.

Did 5 minutes walk and 5 minutes rest routines for 30 to 60 minutes per day. 30 minutes walk and rest done religiously at night before sleeping.

After 45 days Blood pressure and diabetes readings were normal.

No daily record kept by him.

Diabetes Testimonials

Diabetes Testimonials

Diabetes Testimonials

A 60 year old lady suffering from diabetes for last 5 years had the following experience.

From day 1 to day 5 she gave up her medicines for diabetes. Her random blood sugar was 268.

On day 2 her random sugar was 245.

On day 3 her random sugar was 210.

On day 5 her random sugar was 165.

What she did during these 5 days –

Drank 200 to 250 ml water with each meal.

Besides she drank 3 cups of tea. She was suggested not to drink tea. She also took sips of water when she felt thirsty. The suggestion was to stop/ minimize water intake except with meals.

Tea interferes with diabetes recovery.

She was also suggested to do walk and rest routines, which she did not follow. For best results walk and rest routines should also be done.

After it reaches normal levels, blood sugar shoots up for 1-2 days, then again normalises. That is normal. The top priority is given to reviving the organs which have slowed down or stopped working.

So once the sugar comes to reasonable levels, the other organs starts consuming more energy. That causes blood sugar to go up. Blood sugar is defensive system of the body. It ensure optimal supply of energy to vital organs.

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