Diabetes Testimonials

Diabetes Testimonials

Diabetes Testimonials

A 60 year old lady suffering from diabetes for last 5 years had the following experience.

From day 1 to day 5 she gave up her medicines for diabetes. Her random blood sugar was 268.

On day 2 her random sugar was 245.

On day 3 her random sugar was 210.

On day 5 her random sugar was 165.

What she did during these 5 days –

Drank 200 to 250 ml water with each meal.

Besides she drank 3 cups of tea. She was suggested not to drink tea. She also took sips of water when she felt thirsty. The suggestion was to stop/ minimize water intake except with meals.

Tea interferes with diabetes recovery.

She was also suggested to do walk and rest routines, which she did not follow. For best results walk and rest routines should also be done.

After it reaches normal levels, blood sugar shoots up for 1-2 days, then again normalises. That is normal. The top priority is given to reviving the organs which have slowed down or stopped working.

So once the sugar comes to reasonable levels, the other organs starts consuming more energy. That causes blood sugar to go up. Blood sugar is defensive system of the body. It ensure optimal supply of energy to vital organs.

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