AIDS Cure, AIDS and Homeopathy

Homeopathy and AIDS

Brief Facts of AIDS –

  • AIDS spread 50-100 years after homeopathy.
  • During the initial period of growth of Homeopathy medicines AIDS was not there.
  • Homeopathy medicines evolved over a period of time.
  • The basic theory of Homeopathy is – “Similar Cures Similar”. In Homeopathy the medicines consist of the same bacteria or virus that causes a particular disease. The bacteria is passed out in the excretions of the diseased person. The excretion of the diseased person is taken and filtered. The filtered excretion is diluted by 50 to 100 times. Drops of the diluted bacteria is given to cure the diseased.  
  • Homeopathy works through Lymph system.
  • Allopathy system works through Digestive track or Main arteries. Any disease in which digestive system does not work, Allopathy will also not work. Like there is no medicine for Jaundice in Allopathy. This is due to fact, liver stops working. Same is case in lot of other diseases. 

Logic of Cure of AIDS

  • The body has immune system. When the Immune system fails to protect the person, he is said to have AIDS.
  • When the body is invaded by a bacteria, the body starts making anti bodies. When bodies stops making antibodies it can be said to suffering from AIDS.
  • With passage of time the activity of making anti bodies against a particular infection increases. This is the reason why it takes 3 to 7 days to kill an infection.
  • In homeopathy it is believed that the infections are excreted in urine and stool. We know that infection do also come thru breathing as well other excretion. Ejaculation is also an excretion. The sperms are capable of making a full human. So it carries a blue print of all the infections.
  • In homeopathy the cure is usually in the form of diluted urine (attenuated bacteria). A small amount of urine is mixed in distilled water and shaken to mix it well for 30 minutes. The diluted mixture is given to diseased person. The urine of an infected person of a particular disease is used to treat the person of that disease only.
  • It is known that cold and cough caused by a particular bacteria or virus, happens once in the life time of a person.
  • A different strain of bacteria causes cold and cough next time.
  • Here it is very important to understand, that when a person is cured of infection, his other family members are still getting sick from that infection. That is a very clear indication that the virus or bacteria is still around.
  • It is an indication that the person has become immune from that virus. How??
  • It is very simple to guess. The body has a memory. It keeps the blue prints of viruses in lymph nodes. And thereafter keeps making antibodies against that bacteria. That is why he does not become sick again for some more time.
  • Why the person becomes sick again, during next change of season?  During the change of season the memory is destroyed. Or there is another strain of bacteria which causes the sickness.
  • During change of season, the most important change is in the stored quantity of fluid in the body Changes in stored fluid causes the bacteria memory loss in human body.
  • Combining homeopathy and cold & cough, we can safely assume that a small blue print of the bacteria is retained by the body. The body keeps on making antibodies against that bacteria for life time of the person. This is the reason, why the person is not diseased due to that bacteria again.
  • Now what is best? Allopathy or Homeopathy??
  • Homeopathy causes the long term retention of virus memory and causes long term relief from diseases.
  • Allopathy causes short term memory of bacteria. And hence short term relief.
  • Now there seems to be overall capacity of the body of producing the antibodies of different types. When the long term memories of bacteria keep on increasing over period of time, a stage is reached when the full capacity of the body to produce antibodies is reached. At this stage the body stops making antibodies for new bacteria. This stage is called AIDS. AIDS is  Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. The definition of AIDS suggests that AIDS is acquired and not due to DNA or Gene changes of the person. 
  • In allopathy the person has frequent episodes of the infections. He falls ill more often but is cured. Over a period of time the body develops resistance to the  Antibiotics. And a dangerous situation is reached. This stage is also as bad or even worse then AIDS.
  • Now how do we cure AIDS. Most likely place of storing the blue prints of the infections is in sinus cavities and may be lymph nodes also. So to cure AIDS we need to clear these areas of stored memory of viruses and infections.
  • Also as discussed above virus memory is lost when there is substantial change in the fluid levels of the body. These substantial changes can be reached by use of salt and by deprivation of salt and minerals. So to cure AIDS we should bring about substantial changes in the fluid levels of the body.
  • Over the last 3-4 years I found that by giving up fluids for 24 to 48 hours one can cure cold and cough, sneezing or sinus. When a person gives up fluid for more than 24 hours the vapours coming out with the breath also come down. It seems that the bacteria (Or blue prints of bacteria) which lives or breeds around sinus areas survive in moist conditions. Continuous loss of fluid for more than 24 hours causes those blue prints to be deleted. That revives the immunity system of the body. Another way of speeding up the recovery from all immune system related diseases is as under. That includes cancer and other diseases as well.
  • Sinus cavities of a person are irritated by doing eye exercises. When we increase the light entering the eye, the sinus cavities are irritated. That causes the eyes to be flooded with a fluid. Besides the eyes the fluids also moves in the throat, food pipe and stomach. During this process the sinus cavities are cleaned and the blue prints of the infections are removed and the natural capacity of the body to make newer antibodies are restored.
  •  That is the cure for AIDS.
  • To change the light entering the light – Stand in front of a wall (about 9 inches away). Make a point about 3 mm dia on the wall. Focus on the point for about 10 seconds without blinking eyes. Move backward from the point without blinking (6 inches at a time).When u can not see clear close your eyes and come back to the original place. Repeat the exercise 2 times. This has to be done without any specs. If your eyes blink, close your eyes and come back to the original position. The changes in the iris causes the change in the amount of light entering the eye. This also is likely to improve your eye sight. But do these exercises in moderation. Avoid spilling of the fluid from eyes into your throat and food pipe. That may prove harmful.

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