Angioplasty Vs One Cure for Diseases

Angioplasty Vs One Cure for Diseases

Angioplasty Vs One Cure for Diseases

Angioplasty for 5000 at JJ Hospital


This is a huge promise at very low cost. But when it comes to your health, you need to know what are you being offered. Will it be effective for life? How will it work?


But whom can you ask? There is none to answer that. Why? I feel very angry when there is none to answer such important questions. How can governments all over the world allow people to be around for such a long period of time without disclosing the real reasons.


I am not a health professional. I am no doctor. But I let out my anger to show freely. I would like to share the real health tips for free. Take these at your risk.


Heart Disease is nothing but systematic failure of the vital organs and systems of your body.


See how the metabolic system of the body works at –


Failure of Vital systems of the body


Now if you have understood the above clearly, you would know that even if you remove the blockage completely, it will come back to haunt you in few months. The reason is simple.


Your heart, muscles, nerves are not getting enough energy to work efficiently. Your muscles must shrug off the excess FAT. but it cannot do that unless it has enough energy to do that.


So what are the solutions?


  • Stop going to Gym immediately.
  • Do very mild exercises for few seconds at a time
  • Stop seeing your doctors.
  • Stop trusting the health practitioners
  • Take charge of your health.

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