weight loss with Intense workouts

weight loss with Intense workouts


weight loss with Intense workouts
weight loss with Intense workouts








Now there is another supporter from famous Forbes.com to support my theory of moderate activity.


The world has started learning.


Any excessive exercise causes inflammation and will further cause in increase in weight after some time. Doing mild exercises like walking for 5 minutes 3 times in one hour should help. See earlier post for explanation


Calorie calculations for Weight Loss

Advantages of Interval Walking over any other form of Weight Loss program


  • Almost every body, with evenĀ mild disability, can walk. My parents are 82 years. I have advised them to walk 40 steps every 30 minutes. And it is doing wonders so far.
  • Walking burns 5 calories per minute.
  • Walking for 5 minutes does not tire you out in most of the cases of people below 60 years of age.
  • Walking 5 minutes every hour will burn 25 calories. 5 x 5 calories
  • Walking for 16 hours a day for 5 minutes every hour will burn 16 x 25 = 400 calories.
  • The resting metabolic rate of a over weight person is about 1.1 to 1.25 calories per minute.
  • After walking for 5 minutes, the resting metabolic rate will start coming back to normal levels of 1.1 to 1.25. But that will not happen all of a sudden. After first 5 minutes the resting metabolic rate may come down to 4 calories per minute. By the end of hour hour the resting metabolic rate may still be 1.5 or above. That will take the average metabolic rate for 1 hour to above 2. Let us take it to be 2 calories per minute.
  • In 24 hours there are 1440 minutes. That will translate to 0.75 x 1440 = 1080 calories.
  • Total calories burnt in 24 hours due to walking will be 1080 + 400 = 1480.
  • This translates to loss of 400 grams every day in 3 days if food intake is restricted to previous level of 1800 to 2000 calories per day.
  • However after some initial weight loss the food intake can be increased to compensate for high calorie burning.
  • Alternatively walking can be reduced to 5 minutes every 90 minutes or 120 minutes.
  • Weight Loss of 4 to 5 kg a month is very safe weight loss.
  • However 1480 calorie deficit in 24 hours is very high and will cause extreme fatigue which people would not be willing to admit.
  • So walking for 5 minutes every hour for 3 hours in morning and 3 hours in the evening can do wonders to your body weight.

So Happy weight loss for your life.


Similar pattern can be used for weight gain and strength building with some additional water routines thrown in.


Keep watching this space for more tips.

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