Anti Aging Drugs

Anti Aging Drugs

Anti Aging Drugs

The scientists claims of slowing down aging process is faulty.

Water is the biggest inflammatory item.

One of the group was given water alone causing inflammation.

The other group was given a drug to remove the toxins of the metabolic process. These toxins must be removed with the help of fluids in cells.

You do not need drugs to remove the cellular toxins.

Dehydration is natural detoxification process.

Hydration is the process of supplying nutrients to cells and dehydration is the process of removing the metabolic waste.

Planning hydration and dehydration cycles is the key to not only slowing down the aging process but reversing the aging process.

This drugs itself will become the biggest toxins in the due course of time. The body will fight hard to remove this drug.

It is better to read my blog rather then reading these useless scientific studies.

In the present study water giving with the drug is used up to remove the drug and thus is spent causing less inflammation. The other group of animals were giving pure water. Pure water became toxic in the absence of the drug. The other group could be tried with reduced water intake and then it will reverse the results.



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