Are you educated

Are you educated

Are you educatedAre you educated

Should you claim to be educated.


I do not think so.


People go to schools and colleges and obtain degrees.


And then they stop using brain.


What is wastage of global resources.


I am on facebook with 5000 friends. More than 1000 friends are doctors. More than 1000 friends are engineers. More than 1000 persons are Chartered Accountants. More than 1000 persons are lawyers/ advocates/


I have been publishing posts on facebook which straight away debunk the medicines systems all over the world. I have been saying that Allopaths, Ayurvedics and Homeopaths are worse then quacks.


Then I give precise maths which helped me reach the above conclusion.


Nobody responds.


It is not that they believe in what I have been saying.


They are simply scared to take a stand.


The first lesson that our education system gives is – do not question, do not take a stand.


But every teacher keeps shouting all day – please do ask questions if you need to. But who cares.


Bull shit you seem to have wasted all your life. Teachers have wasted life, in doing something that has remained undone all their life. But inspite of this they have been bound down to doing the same thing all their life.


And they do not feel bad about it.


On World Yoga day – I wrote an article – Yoga is violence to body and mind. Only one person responded. He wanted to know more.


But he was lost in the din of educated uneducated people.



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