Bed Wetting in 17 year old

Bed Wetting in 17 year old

Bed Wetting in 17 year old – Yesterday I spoke to a person whose daughter of 17 years used to heavily wet the bed till 15 years of age. He gave various medicines for several years. But none of the medicines were of any help. I asked the gentleman whether his daughter has the following conditions –Bed Wetting in 17 year old

  • Poor eye sight
  • Respiratory problems – frequent cold and cough, sinus etc.
  • hair graying problems.
  • Kidney stones or other issues

He reported that his daughter has severe sinus and hair growing problems.

I myself was bed wetter in my younger days. I had kidney stones at 40 years for 3 years in a row. My hair were gray by thte time I was 20 year old.

I used to have severe cold and cough problem with light sinus problems when I was young.

Bed Wetting is a signal of poor hydration system of the body. The cells stay dehydrated for long periods of time. For perfect hydration the body must experience frequent dehydration coupled with frequent hydration. Either of them by themselves is bad.

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