Bed Wetting Cause Simple Logic

Bed Wetting Cause Simple Logic

Bed Wetting Cause Simple LogicBed Wetting Cause Simple Logic

  • Human body does all the repairing jobs during sleep.
  • Whatever is damaged is repaired during sleep.
  • Sleep is supposed to be very important.
  • All recent researches in sleep – point to new benefits of sleeping.
  • Urination is a excretion process of the body.
  • Urination helps in getting rid of unwanted things.

If a child wets the bed during night, that means there were some unwanted thins in the body which could not removed from the body duringg day time. But which are very harmful for the body. So during night the rids itself of those unwanted things.

So help the body get rid of those unwanted things, a child should drink more water during the day time, until going to bed. It is a misconception that bed wetting is not a serious condition. It is the most serious condition. Topmost attention should be paid to bed wetting.

The metabolic activities are the top priorities in human body upto the age of 12-15. Bed wetting is a condition which shows that metabolic activities are not being attended to properly. Bed wetting will lead to all neurological conditions, blood sugar, blood pressure, dandruff etc. In fact anything which cna be said to be related to metabolic syndrome.

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