Bed Wetting Survey

Bed Wetting Survey

Bed Wetting Survey –¬†Links bed wetting to other diseases / conditions –

  • Cold and Cough – This is fluid imbalance. Warm and saline water irrigation is suggested to patients. Salt is also indicated in fluid imbalance.Bed Wetting Survey
  • Sinus – The above note applies here as well.
  • Poor Eye Sight – Dry eye syndrome. Eczema has been shown to have similar problems as eye muscles. The water routines help in curing eczema in 48 hours. So it can be concluded that poor eye sight can also be improved to a large extent by bring perfect fluid balance.
  • graying of Hair – Nothing to say at this point of time.
  • High / Low Blood Pressure – Concerns fluid.
  • High / Low Blood Sugar –¬†Concerns thirst and frequent urination (Fluids)
  • Heart diseases – Caused due to high blood pressure and blood sugar. Fluids again.
  • Stroke – Heart diseases and high blood pressure causes stroke. Fluid again.

Bed wetting could be reducing the life span by at least 20 years.

Please pass on this message to as many people as possible and encourage them to take part in the survey.

To take part in the survey click here

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