BedWetting Medical Negligence

BedWetting Medical Negligence

BedWetting Medical Negligence – side effects include swelling of face. That swelling in the face is indicative of excessive fluid build up in the body. That does an irreversible damage to the heart, brain and other vital organs of the body.BedWetting Medical Negligence

That is no rocket science.

Does that make it a case of medical negligence by pharma companies? They kept ignoring very clear symptoms.

The medical councils all over the world. Do you smell a rat there?

But that is a bit complicated. Why look that far.

The first line of treatment for bed wetting is to reduce fluid intake in the evening.

Did anyone in the world check – whether reduction in fluid intake in the evening helped.

It went on and on for more than 100 years now.

The real reason is fluid imbalance. In most of the cases the increased intake of fluids in the evening helps.

Who is responsible?

Does anyone smell a rat there?

Is there any thing wrong there?

Why there is no feedback system for any medicine. Why no feed back is taken from the patients? Who is incharge of the system?

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