Blood Sugar Tests ha1c

All type of Blood Sugar tests are simply waste of money. I learnt that very very hard way.

My father is 81 year old. He was keeping sick for last 6-7 years. He had 2 hip replacement surgeries done about 8 years back. He was hospitalised 3-4 times in 2013 to 2014. Every time his blood tests showed blood sugar levels of 80 to 110 fasting as well as random. My father suffered from High Blood Pressure, Severe Constipation (requiring anema once in 3-4 months), CKD stage 5, Initial stage of prostate, low energy levels, frequent falls resulting in injuries every 2 months. His pulse rate and Blood pressure used to fluctuate a lot. His pulse rate used to zoom to 130-140 range after almost every month.

For last 35 years my father suffered from epilepsy and was on Tagritol 400 mg daily. Whenever he tried giving up medicines, he would have a severe episode of epilepsy leaving him bed ridden for 2-3 days.

In June 2014 my father was in hospital in terminally sick condition. He had sepsis leading to multiple organ failure. The doctors declared that he won’t survive for more than 1-3 months and will require frequent hospitalisations till his last. At this stage I decided to test my health theory on him. My health theory consists of –

Day 1 – 8 to 12 glasses of water (200 ml) each

Day 2 – No water or other liquids.

And after 48 hours he started recovering. But he was taking time to recover. Since his food pipe and intestines had ulcers and it was difficult to feed him anything. I though of increasing his sugar intake so that he can sustain his vital functions.

His progress improved.

At this stage I though of replacing his epilepsy medicines with sugar intake. 5 to 8 spoons per day. 1 spoon at a time. Spread evenly through out the day.

After 10 months his sugar intake remains at 8 spoons per day. His blood sugar also remains same at 80 to 110 random as well as fasting.

Then I started observing others for their sugar intake. I found that people with very low sugar intake have digestive problems. Have poor strength and immunity.

People who test perfect blood sugar do not necessarily mean that they are getting enough sugar.

Over a period of 2-3 months my father god rid of all medicines. He was cured of epilepsy, high BP, CKD, Prostate and constipation by alternating water day 1 and day and sugar intake. The damage done to organs reversed completely. Even the damage to the brain reversed completely.

So 2 things to give credit for all this. Good hydration / dehydration cycles and right amount of sugar intake.

Remember Blood tests are good for nothing. It does not help at all.

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