How much water one should drink

How much water one should drink

How much water one should drink

The symptoms of hydration and dehydration are same –

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • dark coloured urine
  • dry mouth
  • joint pain
  • dry skin
  • Constipation
  • Weight Gain
  • Pre-mature aging
  • Recurring Sickness

Some of the symptoms you may find on the links mentioned above. I have experienced all the above in both the cases.

One may try experiencing first hand – drink 2 litres of water within 30 to 60 minutes and than check your joint pains. But I would like to warn that it dangerous to drink so much water within a short time. Click on the above link. Dehydration is not as risky as overhydration.

I have treated number of people by dehydrating them for 24 hours. The diseases or conditions treated by me include – constipation, mouth ulcers, bed wetting, back pain, sciatica pain, sinus, cold and cough, dry skin, dry mouth and breathlessness.

For reasons of these conditions one may refer to the home page of the blog

Here I would like to share some of my personal experiences as well as some of the news items –

My personal Experience

My father was admitted in hospital ICU in June 2014. It was super specialty hospital. The team of doctors attending on him declared that he cannot recover even if taken to the best of hospitals. The cause of admission was high heart rate, followed with seizure, followed with fracture, followed with pain killers, followed with sepsis and multiple organ failure.

I fought with doctors and asked them to change his medicines. I do not know much about medicines. I conveyed to them that they should simply give medicines which cause opposite symptoms as compared to the medicines being given so far. They were furious. But they did that. In 48 hours he recovered. But in the opinion of doctors he was still no good and will die in few days.

I followed hydration / dehydration cycles (details on my home page). He recovered completely and survived. Net fluid lose in next 48 hours was 9 to 10 liters.

In September 2016, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu (Jaya Lalithaa) was admitted in hospital with dehydration and infection and she eventually died. The best doctors in the world attended on her. But she could not be rescued.

In Nov 2016 my father again suffered from acute dehydration and seizure. He was again admitted in hospital and RT tube was inserted for feeding him.

After 4 days of being on IV fluids he slipped into semi conscious state and stopped responding to any stimulus. I changed the hospital to gain some time without IV fluids. I was on road for 5 hours to more than 3 hospitals. Every where the doctors will examine him and seeing no hope of recovery will deny the admission.

After 5 hours he regain consciousness and started responding.

Again he was administered IV fluids and he was in semi conscious state after 2 days. Again the same response from doctors.

I again insisted that IV fluids should be removed. I signed the documents and refused to be administered IV fluids at the hospitals. After 24 hours he regained consciousness.

Next 48 hours I followed hydration / dehydration cycles and he was shifted to chair.

Now as of today he is fine and recovered. During last 3 months lot of hydration / dehydration cycles were repeated and he lost considerable fluid.

After all this I am entitled to be called the best expert in the world on hydration / dehydration. Better then any other human being on this planet.

I recommend not drinking more than 2 to 2.5 liters of water in 24 hours. And reducing water intake to 500 ml at least once in 10 days.

Trust me there is no way to calculate an ideal quantity of water that should be taken regularly. It depends on food and liquid intake of last 24 to 48 hours. Even if a person eats the most nutritious food, it will cause an imbalance calling for more frequent hydration / dehydration cycles.

That is the only way to ensure best hydration and disease free condition.


Fluid and Mineral balance in the body

Fluid and Mineral balance in the body

Fluid and Mineral balance in the body

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Add a spoon of salt to it.
  • Taste the water now.

If the water is salty how will you make it less salty.

You can add more water to it.

If the salt in the water is less, you will take 1/2 glass of water with the same salt to increase the salt concentration.

So you reduce or increase the salt in a mix by increasing or decreasing the water content.

It is as simple as that.

What happens in modern science or in labs, they will add some salt binding chemicals to dull the taste of salt or something very dangerous.

Either this is very sinister on the part of the scientists or on the part of pharma companies or people with academic record really loses common sense.

We need to really find out fast before this humans become extinct from earth. And if you trust me that is going to happen real fast. Read more – how close are we to become extinct

What happens in human body

  • The blood pH level is to be maintained within a tight range of 7.35 to 7.45.
  • There are lot of systems in the body which try to regulate the pH level of the blood.
  • Some of the systems are – breathing, urination, skin, perspiration, bowel movements, spitting etc.
  • Some of the organs involved are – kidney, liver, heart, brain etc.

When there is excess water / fluid intake, the body needs to produce more of acids to maintain the blood pH level in the normal range. When body keeps producing more of acids, either it loses its capacity to produce those acids in long run or loses its ability to produce some other enzymes or hormones.

That is when we get sick.

One Cure for All Diseases

One Cure for All Diseases

One Cure for All Diseases

  • Every disease is caused due to chronic inflammation.
  • Inflammation essentially involves some swelling.
  • This inflammation is at cellular level. There is excess fluid in cells as well as in gaps between the cells.
  • By hydration / dehydration cycles the fluid outside the cells (gap between the cells) is exchanged / removed to the blood and outside the body as well.
  • But there is no significant change in the fluids in cells.

The above explanation is an after thought based on personal experience. Else where I shared my experiences with my father in June 2014. There had been so many things that were done to help my father to recover to good health.

Some details about my father. My father is 82 years with both hip replacements done some 20 years back. He broke his collar bone 12 months back. He had another arm bone broken 2 years back. So there was limited limb movements in the sense that he could walk independently without any help or support but used to get tired in about 100 meters. He suffered from high Blood pressure. But he was never diabetic.

The exact things which helped him to recover was not clear and there was no significant reversal of his health condition of seizures. He used to get seizures every 2 or 3 months. Though initially the seizures were even more widely spaced out 3 to 4 months but with time the seizures started every 1 month or so though these were very mild most of the time allowing my father to recover in 15 minutes or so.

But in Nov. 2016 he did not recover from one of the seizures. After taking him to hospital and after putting him on epilepsy drugs he lost all limb movements and was in semi conscious state. Again the doctors told that he will not regain limb movements for rest of life (which was not estimated to be more than 7 days). But here again with fluid management as mentioned at he recovered and was sent to home but there was very minimal limb movements.

Withdrawing the epilepsy drugs improved the limb movements. With each withdrawal of drugs he kept regaining his limb movements.

But due to poor management of his bed movements, he developed bed sores. Once these bed sores were there, it did not seem to improve inspite of all care.

At this time the assessment by medical professionals was that it may take upto 6 months to recover from all bed sores.

Finally all medicines were withdrawn and he was given about 5oo to 800 ml water every day. On day 1 he was given sugar – 1/2 spoon every hour. On day 2 he was given 1/4 small spoon of salt in each glass of water in place of sugar.

So sugar and salt were alternated. One day sugar, 2nd day salt.

And results shocked me. He started recovering really fast in 10 days all his bed sores were healed. His brain also seems to be recovering.

During his hospitalisation his brain was also effected. The doctors explained that the CT Scans showed that portion of the brain which is supposed to be gray has become black and there is no way that can be changed.

During 2014 to 2016 he was very repetitive. He used to get his bank balance even during middle of night. He was fussy about getting his bank pass books updated every month from various banks though there were no new transactions.

This time when he started recovering his initial response was of repetitions. But gradually he seemed to be improving in that departments as well. He is not repetitive and is engaging in more logical conversations.

Hopefully he is on better recovery this time.

With this sugar and salt on alternate days his Blood pressure and blood sugar seems to be in perfect range. There are no fluctuations and blood pressure is normal these days.

And then I also implemented this salt and sugar on alternate days. And results are really shocking.


Metabolic syndrome – Tea – Blood Pressure – Blood Sugar

Metabolic syndrome – Tea – Blood Pressure – Blood Sugar

When I was studying in 12 some one told me that eating less and eta helps in improving the memory. Since I wanted to top the Examinations I started eating just enough to live. During 12th Class I started drinking 6 to 8 cups of strong tea or coffee during the day. Before my 12th class I was not a fan of tea. I hardly used to drink tea.

After my exams were over in March I stopped drinking tea. For next 1 month I was just sleaping. I was as if I have been drugged.

But the thing which I realised today was there was no head ache in the begining. I do not remember if there was head ache later when the withdrawal effects of tea were completely gone.

Later when I was around 40 I was drinking 3-4 cups of tea most of the days. But if I would drink any less tea or will stop drinking tea there were no extreme withdrawal symptoms of tea.

For last 5-6 years I am not drinking tea. But every 2-3 months I used to drink few cups of tea just to understand how tea works.

As I became more independent of tea, I came to realise that the withdrawal symptoms of tea were extreme difficult and unmanageable. For last 2 years now if I drink even 1/2 cup of tea that can keep me awake during the night.

The most important aspect is that if after drinking 1/2 or 1 cup of tea I stop drinking tea the next day I will have unmanageable head aches. I always wondered why it was so severe pain. Today there seems to be some explanation for that pain.

Tea diverts the total energy available in the body. The use of tea from the internal organs shifts to external activities. So if a person drinks tea once in a while this total energy shifts from internal organs to external activities.

A person who is habitual of drinking tea, this internal organs learn to work at much lower energy levels and hence cause metabolic syndrome. So if he stops drinking tea he will not experience extreme pain and discomfort. The reason is that his internal organs are used to working at very low energy. So when he stops drinking tea the energy does not shift to internal organs within 24 hours. It takes very long time for the internal organs to come back to full energy levels.

The pain happens when there is sudden shifting of the energy towards vital organs. The vital organs start working at a much higher energy levels. How exactly that happens may be some one who is reading this can help.

I will try to build up further from experiences that friends may share with me in coming days.

Health Systems-Allopathy-Homeopathy-Yoga-Exercise

Health Systems-Allopathy-Homeopathy-Yoga-Exercise

  • All the health systems in the world depend on the working of some of the systems in the body.
  • Allopathy has no medicine for Jaundice, because lever is not working. If the liver does not work the medicines that a person eats or drinks can not work. There are so many other conditions in which allopathy does not have a relief system.
  • It is believed that Allopathy is most scientific of all the systems. This is the biggest lie on the face of this earth. Allopathy has no scientific basis. Allopathy is popular because it has worked extra hard in protecting the secrets of the medicines. Allopathy followers never reveal how the medicine works taking advantage of the laws of this ignorant world. Knowledge is not supposed to be restricted.
  • There are so many medicines which have steroids. Steroids use is against nature. The required amounts are abundantly available in the body. The body resists the additional supply of steroids by reversing the situation. That is why people become used to steroids. Because the body adapts to reversing the situation. Body corrects itself and restores itself in a position before supply of the external steroids.
  • Anti-boitics – Body has more then enough of them. That is why there is a scare of Super Antibiotic resistant bacteria.
  • Homeopathy works on the principles of similar cures similar principle. No one has ever applied their brains ever why and how this principle works. Look at my other pages to understand how Homeopathy gave birth to AIDS, cancer and other immune system conditions.
  • Yoga exercise also assume that a person is fit and able to devote considerable time for exercises. It depends on the assumptions of breathing and respiratory systems working perfectly. Yoga very comfortably ignores the basic working principle of Yoga and other exercises. Yoga is a waste of considerable time of the mankind. Breathing is a very negligible portion of the health system. It moves to un-utillised nutrients in the body to be utilised. This is just 5% of the total health system.

Fluid Management

is the only thing which has no such barriers. Fluid management can be done even if a person is just few minutes away from death. Every one must be aware that hospitals administer the fluids even in the most emergent cases of medical emergency.

Oxygen can not reach any part of the body unless it is carried in the fluids. Breath has no meaning if there is no fluid. It is fluid which takes the nutrients to each and every part of the body.