Health Systems-Allopathy-Homeopathy-Yoga-Exercise

Health Systems-Allopathy-Homeopathy-Yoga-Exercise

  • All the health systems in the world depend on the working of some of the systems in the body.
  • Allopathy has no medicine for Jaundice, because lever is not working. If the liver does not work the medicines that a person eats or drinks can not work. There are so many other conditions in which allopathy does not have a relief system.
  • It is believed that Allopathy is most scientific of all the systems. This is the biggest lie on the face of this earth. Allopathy has no scientific basis. Allopathy is popular because it has worked extra hard in protecting the secrets of the medicines. Allopathy followers never reveal how the medicine works taking advantage of the laws of this ignorant world. Knowledge is not supposed to be restricted.
  • There are so many medicines which have steroids. Steroids use is against nature. The required amounts are abundantly available in the body. The body resists the additional supply of steroids by reversing the situation. That is why people become used to steroids. Because the body adapts to reversing the situation. Body corrects itself and restores itself in a position before supply of the external steroids.
  • Anti-boitics – Body has more then enough of them. That is why there is a scare of Super Antibiotic resistant bacteria.
  • Homeopathy works on the principles of similar cures similar principle. No one has ever applied their brains ever why and how this principle works. Look at my other pages to understand how Homeopathy gave birth to AIDS, cancer and other immune system conditions.
  • Yoga exercise also assume that a person is fit and able to devote considerable time for exercises. It depends on the assumptions of breathing and respiratory systems working perfectly. Yoga very comfortably ignores the basic working principle of Yoga and other exercises. Yoga is a waste of considerable time of the mankind. Breathing is a very negligible portion of the health system. It moves to un-utillised nutrients in the body to be utilised. This is just 5% of the total health system.

Fluid Management

is the only thing which has no such barriers. Fluid management can be done even if a person is just few minutes away from death. Every one must be aware that hospitals administer the fluids even in the most emergent cases of medical emergency.

Oxygen can not reach any part of the body unless it is carried in the fluids. Breath has no meaning if there is no fluid. It is fluid which takes the nutrients to each and every part of the body.

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