Using Oils on skin Tips

Using Oils on skin Tips


You have seen on the previous article on sun tanning, oils and moisturizers are muscle relaxant and slow down or deactivate the natural skin defence mechanism. Skin with Oils when exposed to sun causes deep damage.


But is there any use of these oils and muscle relaxants. Yes.


Since these oils and moisurizers relaxes the skin tissues, these can be used to get rid of unwanted matters trapped in the layers of the skin.


So applying the oils and other moisturizers during night helps in relaxing the tissues and getting rid of matters trapped in the layers of the skin.


Using facials and threading is a skin damaging process in the long run with some possible benefits. At times one may find it difficult to avoid these in view of social compulsions.


Tips for Threading and Facial


  • Use Creams and Moisturizers on Day 1 night.
  • Wash the creams and Moisturizers with simple plain soap on Day 2 morning.
  • Wash the face and other areas with luke warm water on Day 3 morning go for facial or Threading. Use water liberally.
  • Do not use soap before facial or threading.
  • Do not hard scrub skin. Just dry the skin by softly using a cotton towel.


What the above tips would mean?


Use of oils and cream would help get rid of the unwanted matters trapped in the inner layers of the skin during night.


By washing the skin next day with soap would restore the natural defence mechanism of the skin.


But not using the soap or oil for 24 hours would help get rid of some more unwanted matters trapped in inner layers of the skin.


The most important thing is to have natural sebum oils before exposing the skin to the damaging effects of facial and threading. Sebum oil is excreted from the skin. This will keep the natural defence system of the skin in tact while making it easier to remove unwanted hair.


Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips

Skin care options are –


Oils, Creams and Moisturizers


and Threading


Oils, Creams and Moisturizers

All moisturizers, creams and oils are muscle relaxants. It is important to understand how the muscle relaxants work.


I would like to share the experience with my daughter.


M daughter was in school basketball team till 10th standard. During this period she developed severe skin tanning. Her skin complexion changed very significantly.


Due to growing age she may have become more inclined to use of cream soaps and cosmetics during this period. Due to extreme sun tanning of the skin, she increased her use of Dove soap which claims to have 30% creams for softer skin.


For next 15 months she tried every home remedy, fair and lovely and other creams on the market, changes in her diet, but could not get even 1% benefit in her skin tanning.


One day I decided to search out on internet about the side effects of every ingredient in the Dove soap. Initially I noticed that there were 5-6 ingredients with suffix acid in the list.


Anyway I found that every ingredient had some side effect if applied in different proportions in a soap.


I also found that most of the creams are muscle relaxants.


All I could understand from the word relaxant was that it stops the muscles from doing normal / natural defence procedures. In medicines (allopathy) muscle relaxants are given when natural pain stimulus of the body does not respond to any medicine and pain causing injury can not be healed within reasonable time.


So any cream would cause the skin cells not to shrink to save the inner layers of the skin from the harmful rays and other external matters.


That means that moisturizers and oils relax the muscles and in case the skin is exposed to sun while wearing these oils, it will cause deeper damage to the inner layers of the skin.


I suggested my daughter to stop using all soaps for at least 15 days.


Since my daughter was tired of trying every thing for last 15 months she agreed.


Within 7 days one of her friend asked her what she was using. That meant there was improvement in the skin condition.


Since that day she does not use any moisturizer or cream based soaps. It has been more than 6-7 years now and her skin has completely recovered.


For last 3-4 months I am trying some more experiments with skin hydration/ dehydration cycles. My daughter had some dark eye circles which have improved significantly during this period.


Based on various experiments I had with skin, I had some tips to offer for Facials and Threading. Click on the links to read more about these.

Skin Specialist in Delhi

I am not a qualified doctor. I do not hold any degree or certificate in skin care. The suggestions are based on personal experience and common sense. Water routine logic is given on home Page.


Skin Specialist in Delhi


My personal experiences are shared on the following links


It is also important to read the details on the Home Page as well.


Dove soap is the main cause for sun tanning and other damage to the skin (redening of the skin). Most of the soaps containing oils, creams and moisturizers are to be blamed for skin damage.


You will see noticeable changes in the skin within 7 to 10 days after stopping the use of such soaps.

Shampoos are bad for your hair

I thought I am the only person waging a war against soaps and shapoos.

I really very happy to see other web sites giving complete information in simple to read format.


  • Soaps and Shampoos remove the essential oils produced by the skin and scalp.
  • So next time your hair and skin feel very oily, and you are compelled to use soaps and shampoos.
  • The stores of those essential oils in the inner layers of the skin get reduced. Over time that causes skin cancer and other cancers.
  • The good news is that when we stop use of shapoos and soaps our skin stops producing excessive oils in about 2 to 5 weeks.
  • So if you are giving up shampoos and soaps be sure that your skin and hair will look beautiful after 2 weeks to 5 weeks.
  • And believe me you will love the feeling your skin and hair give to your own touch.

Shamoos and Soaps are extremely harmful for the skin and hair. Check the following web sites which might give my statement lot of weight.

And most shocking thing is the name by which this is called. No poo method.

Shapoos cause the scalp or skin to poo all the time too much oil. Then you will need to use shapoos to get rid of that excess shampoo.

#SunTanning #SkinCancer

#SunTanning #SkinCancer

Skin – Fair & Lovely

There has been excessive hype that drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water gives u a shining skin with fair complexion. Look at the leading actresses in the country. No one can doubt that they can afford to have an employee to remind them of drinking water. I believe that most of the actresses do drink more than 6 to 8 glasses of water but most of them (if not all of them) have some skin issues.

Luckily I found that the culprits are soap, shampoos and drinking excessive water.

The story started about 8 years back. I found that drinking 6 to 10 glasses of water brings about shocking health benefits in about 7 days. I found that the complexion of the skin changes to bright shining in a very small period.

When things started going the other way, I could not think that it could be water. In fact it is combination of water, soaps, moisturisers, muscle relaxants and shampoos that are to be blamed. My daughter had excessive sun tanning in 2010. She had been using #Dove soap twice or thrice in a day for last 2 years or so.

I read the wrapper of the dove soap. I tried reading side effects of the chemicals mentions on the wrapper. I got a feeling that these chemicals are not good. I requested my daughter to stop using any soap for some time.

She obliged and stopped using soaps. In 7 days her sun tanning stopped. Then she stopped soaps, shampoos and other oils. The results shocked me. The skin complexion changed to fair very fast. She still does not use soaps etc and her skin keeps improving.

  •  Do not use Soaps, Shampoos, Oils.
  • Use plain water to wash hair, bath.
  • Do not hard scrub the skin whether on head or else where.
  • This should give you very nice looking and strong hair as well.
  • Balanced hydration is the key to skin.
  • Water retention will make the skin patchy and rough.
  • Dehydration will make the skin look pale and damp. Balance is the key. To attain perfect balance read the home page.



My daughter was about 13 when she started using DOVE soap. She was basketball player and was in school team. Suddenly everyone in the family started commenting that her skin is becoming very dark. My wife also noted that her skin is getting damaged very fast.

My wife got really worried about the skin tanning. She made my daughter opt out of school basketball team. My wife thought that sun tanning and darkening of the skin is caused due to exposure to sun during her practice hours. She took a tough stand and did not care the opposition from school principal about her opting out of school team.

After this my wife and daughter tried every trick in cosmetics and home cures to recover the original tone of skin. This kept going on for more than 18 months. The result was big ZERO,

One day I decided enough was enough. I took the outside wrapper of dove soap. Checked the ingredients of DOVE soap. I was shocked to find that 6 ingredients had acid as suffix to their names, I searched for side effects of each of the ingredients. I found each of them had side effects if used in certain proportions.

I suspected that those chemicals could be the real reason of the problem. I asked my daughter to stop using all soaps for 15 days.

7th day she was asked by her friend – what she was using those days to make her skin look lighter. And she was very happy that day. It has been now more than 5-6 years and she has not gone back to using any soap or chemical.

Very next month I got her enrolled back in the school basketball team. Now there was no worry of the darkening of the skin.

Later I found lot of other kids and people suffering from similar skin issues.

All of them got substantial results in less then 7 days. And they chose to give up soaps for rest of their life.

I would want people not to #ChooseBeautiful at all.


Skin Cancer – Black Skin

Skin Cancer – Black Skin

The research says that black skin is in response to skin cancer that can be caused due to exposure to UV rays.

This is the way research people work. Black skin is caused due to use of artificial oils, soaps and detergents. Black skin is still around and skin cancer is also around. Skin cancer is increasing. if millions of years back the people developed a protection system from skin cancer there would have been no skin cancer today.

People use oils and aromas to get relief from sun. But it worked the other way.

This week one more man reported relief from skin tanning after stopping use of soaps. he also stopped drinking tea. His response was that every one known to him is surprised to see his face now. Every one has commented on his skin tone.

Initially his response was of complete disbelief. Today he is excited like hell.

Skin Complexion- Sun Tanning- Pimples

Skin Complexion- Sun Tanning- Pimples

If you want a perfect Skin Complexion – No product in the market can beat the following.

  • Do not use any soap, shampoo, face wash or any other type of cosmetics.
  • Wash your face 2-3 times every day for 2-5 minutes with plain water.
  • Water should be mild cold. The temperature that is there in April or October.
  • Do not scrub your body after bath with towel. Just pat dry with body after a bath.

If you Get some Results and Want to Aim for Higher Results

  • Eat your Breakfast the first thing in the morning before you do any exercise or Yoga.
  • Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water for 3 days in a week.
  • Drink 2 glasses of water for remaining 4 days in a week.
  • Stop drinking tea and other caffeine products.

If you do not get the results in 7 to 15 days, punish me by writing negative comments.

If you get Results Punish other cosmetic companies by sharing this post on your facebook at least once every day for 10 days after you get Results to your satisfaction.

People buy cosmetics on promises of giving you the sky. And you are charged sky high prices. When you do not get the results you are told to keep using the products. No one gives your money back.

You never say that you were cheated. You blame yourself. Why???

Because you deserve to be treated like that. Because you do not react.

Do you want to find out Why do you deserve to be treated like this?

I am not asking for money. But people do not trust me. Is it justified. To my mind that is an injustice to me by you. So you deserve to be treated the way you are treated.

Do I have any interest in helping you. No I do not have any interest unless you get the results.

Now if you want to punish the Cosmetic Companies who cheated you all your life and blamed you for that, share this post with every friend of yours on every possible social media and/ or otherwise.

And please do not share this post unless you try the cures for 7 to 15 days.

If you feel that you have been cheated by me as well, Punish me by spreading the negative comments on this post.

Never spare a person who cheats you.
Because you do not deserve to be cheated.