My daughter was about 13 when she started using DOVE soap. She was basketball player and was in school team. Suddenly everyone in the family started commenting that her skin is becoming very dark. My wife also noted that her skin is getting damaged very fast.

My wife got really worried about the skin tanning. She made my daughter opt out of school basketball team. My wife thought that sun tanning and darkening of the skin is caused due to exposure to sun during her practice hours. She took a tough stand and did not care the opposition from school principal about her opting out of school team.

After this my wife and daughter tried every trick in cosmetics and home cures to recover the original tone of skin. This kept going on for more than 18 months. The result was big ZERO,

One day I decided enough was enough. I took the outside wrapper of dove soap. Checked the ingredients of DOVE soap. I was shocked to find that 6 ingredients had acid as suffix to their names, I searched for side effects of each of the ingredients. I found each of them had side effects if used in certain proportions.

I suspected that those chemicals could be the real reason of the problem. I asked my daughter to stop using all soaps for 15 days.

7th day she was asked by her friend – what she was using those days to make her skin look lighter. And she was very happy that day. It has been now more than 5-6 years and she has not gone back to using any soap or chemical.

Very next month I got her enrolled back in the school basketball team. Now there was no worry of the darkening of the skin.

Later I found lot of other kids and people suffering from similar skin issues.

All of them got substantial results in less then 7 days. And they chose to give up soaps for rest of their life.

I would want people not to #ChooseBeautiful at all.


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