eczema cure stories

eczema cure stories

eczema cure stories

In last 2 years I cured 10 patients of eczema. I followed up the patients for this duration. Eczema used to start again after 2 to 3 months but repeating the hydration dehydration it used to disappear in 2 days.

After 6 months there was no reappearance of eczema.

One Cure for All Diseases is perfect cure for all auto immune system diseases. It cures sepsis, multiple organ failure and all skin diseases including birth marks.

Eczema usually flares up after dehydration of 36 hours for 3 and 4 days. After that eczema wounds start disappearing and by 6th day entire eczema will be gone. Birth mark takes longer to disappear.

In a recent case a boy with very prominent birth mark on face, he got significant relief in 20 days (60% reduction in birth mark) by reducing the water intake from 5 litres to 1 litre per day.

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