How long a person can concentrate

How long a person can concentrate at a time?concentration

This is the most important question that every student and teacher must learn to answer.

Some of the links that discuss the subject are given below:


Whatever the above links may say, there is enough time to investigate the above subject. Since we spend 15 to 18 long years in schools. You must learn first hand what is the best way to study. And all it takes is 10-15 days.

One need to answer few things to understand what is concentration and why it is most important.?

  1. What do you want to do by spending 15 long years in schools?
  2. Are you learning things which you will never use in your life itme?
  3. What do you think a person can make use of information by using one information at a time?


There is flow of information. There are links between one information with other information. You need time to make those links and stored the linked information in your brain. In future when you have to use information, you will recalls information in blocks the way you stored the information.

You can compare the above process to the process of defragmenting your hard disk. If a file is scattered all around the hard disk, the computer becomes slow. When you defrag the computer bits of file stored in different places is combined into one large file.

The same way the brain works. Rather brain is must better. But there is one problem. The defrag system of the brain is very complicated and difficult. In fact it is better to store the information in a better way.

For using the information for use in life, one must learn to use lot of information at the same time.

Tips for better results

  1. Study in blocks of 10-15 minutes each.
  2. Take frequent breaks between studies doing nothing but lying down with closed eyes. Every organ or sense draws on your concentration.
  3. 10-15 minutes of study is enough to tire your brain.
  4. The information that you studied has not gone in deep memory zone.
  5. You need to rest and try again to put to information in deep memory zone.
  6. After 10-15 minutes of rest recall the subject that you had studied few minutes back.
  7. Analyse the subject with the information previous stored in the brain. Collate various segments of information.
  8. Attempt to store the collated information in the brain’s deep memory zone.
  9. Practice not to study the same subject again and again to verify whether you still can recall the subject.
  10. Do mock tests but not very frequently.
  11. Do not multi task when studying.
  12. Multi tasking practice is good for physical works.
  13. But for brain, it should be busy in collating various information rather then mixing lots of unrelated informations.

You are ready for becoming dangerous and most valuable brain in the world.

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