International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day

International Yoga DayInternational Yoga Day


Yoga is violence to Body and Mind


Anybody who preaches health should set out Goals that will be expected to be achieved by following a particular system.


If the Goals are not achieved, then the reasons should be found out.


If the goodness of the health system is to be publicized then any shortcoming should also be publicized. More than 80% of the people who practice yoga do not get long term benefits. Those who preach Yoga do not enjoy perfect health. If you withhold such information – will you not call it fraud?


Few years back I met two Yoga teachers aged 65 and 38. Both of them were preaching Yoga for tens of years. After some discussion they agreed that they have stomach issues on long term basis. They cannot eat anything spicy or anything from Market.


Breathing Exercises are integral part of Yoga. Through breathing we inhale and exhale large amounts of air. This causes unusual movements of respiratory organs. That results in dehydration of the organs as well as supply of more fluids to the organs involved.


But why do we need to do all this is the basic question that must be answered before we proceed. Involvement of Mr. Modi or anyone from big offices need to look deeper into the issues before getting involved.


The blood of our body must maintain pH level of 7.35 to 7.45 to enjoy good health. The first system to ensure that is breathing. Carbon Dioxide is slightly acidic. Whenever pH level of the blood falls below 7.35 the breathing becomes deeper. Secondly urine also helps in maintaining the pH level of the blood. There are several other organs which influence the pH level of the blood.


What causes changes in the blood pH level should be the first question that must be answered by an Honest person. Yoga never speaks about this question?


Our food and liquid intake influences the pH level of the blood. Exercises, physical movements and any other kind of energy expenditure influences pH level of the blood. Sugar (Carbohydrates) act as buffer and saves the blood from rapid changes in the pH level.


Water is the safest thing that can bring fast changes in the blood pH level without causing any serious side effects.


But why should we choose water over yoga or other things in the world to control pH level of blood.


If you want to understand the reasons for choosing water over other systems of health which have been created by mindless pursuits of greedy people do the following.


Drink 200 ml water every hour from 7 am to 7 pm on day 1. Have normal average 3 meals during the day. No other liquids to be ingested. No water or liquids during night.


Drink no water or other liquids on day 2. No water or liquids during night on day 2 as well.

Watch the changes in your breathing.


Whatever you are trying to achieve through breathing exercises and Yoga will all be there and much more.


You spend almost no time in drinking 10 glasses of water of 200 ml each on day 1. But for Yoga you need to spend more than 1 hour every day.


Yoga or any other activity effects the organs involved in the exercise.


Hydration and dehydration effects each and every organ of the body.


The effect is long term and not short term as provided by Yoga. Why the Yoga impact would be short term.


Remember carbon dioxide is slightly acidic. By controlling breathing you are saving the body from the harmful effects of acidic blood. But what about blood becoming too alkaline. Yogi dies of alkaline bodies. They over do the thing.


Yoga is a violence to the body and mind. Yoga is developed by sick people who experience some benefits at some stage in their life. But they failed to look beyond and far.


Personal Experiences


Case No. 1


Few years back my mother in law weighed in 110 kg. She started Anulom Vilom and Kapal Bhaati every day for 30 minutes to 1 hour.


In about 6 months she weighed 70 kg. Every relative was shocked. She was fit and very happy as we could see.


Another 6 months passed by. She continued Yoga breathing exercise. And she started putting on weight. In next 6 months she weighed in 130 kg. She had to undergo surgery to cut some loose skin which covered her eyes and she could not see because of that.


I kept warning her that this all is happening due to yoga breathing exercises. She did not listen to me. She started spending 3-4 months in a year in hospitals for various health conditions.


And she died of massive heart attack. Cardiogenic Shock.


Case 2 


A friend of mine is a disciple of Swami Dhirender Brahmchari. Few years back he lost his eye vision. There is no injury. He lost his eye vision at the age of say 40 years or earlier then than. He still practices yoga. He has other health conditions as well. He is not able to hold water for long after drinking even glass of water even in summers.


He has done 10s of courses in Ayurved, homeopathy etc to understand the disease and to cure himself. But there are no results.


But he is also hesitant to discontinue Yoga.


Case 3


In 2015 I met another yoga instructor. Age 62-63. He was teaching yoga to people and was very active.


He also suffered from Acidity. I asked him to stop yoga for 10-15 days. Dehydrate himself for 36 hours and see the impact. He met me after 10 days and said that he got complete relief from acidity.


I could have taken this information with a pinch of salt since he did not keep in touch after that. But he called again in 2016 asking for help to cure his diabetes. That implies that he has long term relief from acidity and so his belief that I can be of help to him.


Case 4


The information about acidity was taken from 2 yoga instructors who suffered from acidity even after being very active yoga instructors. I kept thinking about the reasons and it seems that I am very close to actual reasons.


But then people who do not suffer from acidity may argue in favour of Yoga. Yoga causes acidity due to their bodies becoming more alkaline. They can become acidic again by doing cardio exercises. That is by running and walking and hence dehydrating.


That means first you have to do Yoga and then to get rid of the harmful effects of yoga you will need to spend more time in reversing the conditions caused by Yoga. Walk for another one hour or run / jog for 30 minutes every day.


This whole universe is created to supplement and ensure the cycles of hydration and dehydration. Day and night. Changes in seasons (temperature). Earth revolves around sun only to help too greedy people to maintain right hydration levels.


To understand the real science of the body – visit –

International Yoga Day


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