Migraine Cure and Aging Process

Based on initial experiments with Migraine, I concluded that Migraine is caused due to low or high blood sugar and is a part of the defence system of the body.

Now the next big question is – How to know the high or low blood sugar?

Again my initial tests indicate that Blood sugar tests available in the world are not useful at all. Blood glucose is maintained or adjusted by releasing sugar from cells. Whatever sugar is released from the cells as part of adjustment system is bad for health and part of inflammation process. Any inflammation process is harmful for the body but is essential in particular situations.

Thumb rule is ¼ to 1 spoon of sugar every hour. Start with ¼ spoon of sugar every hour. If you feel tired or any head ache after 7 days, increase the amount of sugar to ½ spoon every hour. Once you have found the right amount of sugar for your body you will be surprised to find that you are losing weight. The skin is shinning. That you are always in happy and positive mood. Depression and insomnia are over. You will never get migraine.

And hopefully you will never die if you follow the basic principles of health.

Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water with ¼ spoon of salt once in 6 months. That will remove all toxins from your body.

Eating sugar will take care of most of the diseases of health and will keep your body in top gear.

Once in 3 months – Do the following water routine for 48 hours.

On day 1  – Drink 200 ml water every hour. Do not drink water with meals. So 12 x 200 = 2400 ml total water intake in the day,

On Day 2 – No water or any other liquid. That will make it 36 hours without any liquid.

The above 3 routines will not allow you to be sick at any time in your life. You will never be required to take any medicines for life. The above will slow down the aging process drastically.

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