Prostate Cancer Case 1

Prostate Cancer Case 1

My father is aged 80 years. He had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer about 5 years back. Off late he was having difficulty in passing urine. He had very poor control on his bladder. Most of the time he will wet his cloths.

In June 2014 he had sepsis. To see more details of the same, click on home above.

He has been following the same water routine as outlined in home section of this web site, since August 2014. He had not been so regular in the beginning. Since Nov 2014 has was regular in following water routine.

About 10 days back I observed that he has no obstruction in passing urine. He urinates in one single stream.

The suggested water routine is really a Pancea.

I am going to try the same on Dialysis patients. In fact I think that Dialysis is the biggest case of medical negligence in the world. How would any one miss out on things that may have been short in the body. People engaged in Dialysis know the working of the kidneys more then any one else.

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