Bad Breath Reasons

The following web site says that in order to beat bad breath one should use mint, water, vitamin C foods, cloves and funnel seeds, cardamom etc.

The above list contains flavours. Mint blunts the taste buds. To my mind taste buds help in the digestion process by given signals to brain about the food ingested. Flavours are bad for digestion and health in general.

Second any thing in excess is bad for health. Water in excess causes water retention and indigestion in long run. Same is true with vitamin C and other things. Vitamin C helps in digestion process by providing better absorption rates. But that is not good. People have not become healthier by consuming more of viatmin C foods and supplements.

The process of metabolism is –

eating – assimilation – passing thru liver and getting into blood – delivery of nutrients to cells – use of nutrients in cellular metabolism (conversion of nutrients into energy) – channeling of energy for vital processes of body – storage of energy – removal of waste from cells – excretion.

Any item consumed in excess will not be delivered to the cells. At any point of time cells have a limited capacity to absorb the nutrients. Anything in excess stays in blood for long periods of time , damaging the arteries and causing diseases.

Any item consumed in excess causes inflammation. Body does not excrete unused food without causing damage.

The following link will help you get to the root of the problem –

The first thing the above link says is that mint simply masks the odour.

Second it says that the food that sits in your mouth and decays is the problem. So poor digestion is the problem.

So none of the foods that are listed in the first link will do any good to bad breath.

The above link says low carbs diet can also promote bad breath. God what is the truth. Help yourself.

Now do you think there should be a check on articles that are published on health.


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