Bed Wetting Adult 45 year old

Bed Wetting Adult 45 year old – Severe Medical Condition

This is the most shocking medical testimony of the last 500 years.Bed Wetting Adult 45 year old

Bed Wetting Adult 45 year old

  • 45 year old, had brain tumor about 3 years back, surgery and radiation done. Has serious medical conditions.
  • For last 2 months had been suffering from severe bed wetting during night. 2-4 bed wetting episodes per night.
  • On 19.01.2014, the same was discussed.
  • He was advised 1/2 glass of plain water every hours.
  • He was given water till 10.30 pm.
  • For last 2 months the doctors were of the opinion that the bed wetting is happening due to side effects of radiation that was carried out 3 years back.
  • There was nothing that doctors could do to stop the bed wetting.
  • All it took was 4 hours to stop bed wetting.


  • Urine frequency dropped after 2 intakes of water at 7 pm.
  • No bed wetting during night.
  • Reduced swelling in legs in the morning.
  • Better balance in the morning.

Next Suggestion

Reduce the water intake again after 2 days.


  • The drip which is given in hospitals, contains various minerals. No drip is given of plain water. There is a basic short coming in the medical understanding all over the world.
  • In next 5 years you can see the major changes in the line of treatment for most of the ailments.
  • All over the world the doctors suggest that the patient of bed wetting should not drink any fluids in the evening.
  • What I am doing is just the reverse of that.
  • People who have medical background, will understanding its importance for treating blood pressure, blood sugar, cancer, neurological disorders etc.
  • This is the biggest break through of last 500 years.

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