Bed Wetting Doctor

Bed Wetting Doctor


I have 2 children, Elder is son and younger is daughter.


In my younger days I myself used to wet the bed. The bed wetting continued till about 15 years of age. I use specs. I got grey hair at an early age. I had sinus and recurrent cold and cough problems since my younger years.


My parents tried all types of cures. But there was no benefit of any of these.


After the age of 40 my problems increased. My eye sight started deteriorating faster, I started getting more frequent cold and cough with severe body pain. I started getting severe sinus problems.


My son started wetting bed from the of 5 or so. When my son was around 10 year old, he used to wet the bed upto 3 times in a cold night (winters). It was very annoying to change the mattresses 2-3 times during winter nights.


Around this time I started experimenting with  “Water Routines”. Essentially drinking about 8 to 1 glasses of water a day. I found that it was extremely useful to my health. I almost recovered from all health problems in about 10 days. I was shocked.


I forced the water routine on my children as well. Even though I felt that their problem of bed wetting with aggravate, I did not consider bed wetting to be an issue at all in view of other health benefits which I saw from drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.


But to my shock I found that my son stopped bed wetting within 2-3 days after starting water routines. I was shocked. I told about this experience to my brother in law. His son was about 4-5 year old at that time. My brother in law also did the same and his son also stopped wetting the bed immediately.


Same was the case with my daughter as well. She was not wetting the bed that frequently. But after implementing water routines, she also stopped bed wetting almost in 2-3 days.


I took me years later to convince 3-4 more friends to implementing the water routines. And every one as shocked.


I have been talking to lots of people about the side effects of bed wetting. I am more than convinced that bed wetting results in –


  • Poor eye sight
  • Graying of hair at early age
  • frequent cold and cough
  • sinus
  • Poor bone strength.


The water routines that help in curing bed wetting in a matter of few days are mentioned at the home page.

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