Cause of Diabetes

No body has attempted to guess the cause of Diabetes so far. But some one has to make a start some day so that things start moving. So let it be me. Some of the links which discuss / give more knowledge about diabetes are listed here under. But in all of them cause is missing.

Symptoms of Diabetes

  • Frequent urination
  • Thirst, Dry mouth
  • Intense hunger
  • Tiredness, fatigue

Diabetes is also known as part of  Metabolic syndrome.

Now some facts about Metabolism. Some links

Energy Production – During sleep the metabolic rates comes down to 5 to 10% of the day time metabolic rate. Conversion of food into energy, FAT conversion into energy are stopped during sleep. During sleep only carbohydrates are used. So during this phase the body works for excretion of toxins. All the available energy is used for excretion. Every one knows that normally a healthy person excretions first thing in the morning.

Energy Expenditure – remains at more than 75% of the day time expenditure.

The above links show that as the average sleep hours have declined over last century the prevalence of daibetes has increased considerably. What conclusion one can draw from this.

If the excretions are less then normal the risk of Diabetes increases.

If one sleeps after eating late at night his night time energy production will be even less then then normal. Since most of the food is still lying in the stomach. Lack of energy causes sleep deprivation. Hunger will wake up the person.

Low level of blood sugar during sleep will cause more toxic build up.

What are the results of higher intake of sugar while going to bed.

  • Higher urine output in the morning. Diabetics urinate more frequently.
  • Higher stool output. Diabetics feel intense hunger.

So higher blood sugar during sleep will help in better and higher volume of excretions. Eating sugar in the evening helps in relieving constipation as well.

Lower volume of excretions will mean toxins build up in the body.

Higher levels of toxins in the body will weigh down the cellular system of the body. Causing more calorie and carbohydrate leaks from the cellular system. One of the long term effects of the diabetes is loss of muscle mass and muscle tone.

Two possible solutions for managing Diabetes are –

  • Eating early dinners.
  • Eating higher amount of carohydrates during evening time. That will ensure more urine and stool in the morning. Less toxins.

Diabetics do not consume sugars. So higher level of blood sugar can not be attributed to high sugar consumption. I can think of higher blood sugar as attributing to loss of carbohydrates from cells only. But may be there are other people who can dare to think otherwise.

Now there are lot of people who eat lot of sugars and are diabetic. How does that happen

The moment per unit time energy production is more than a particular range the body shuts down the metabolic pathways. It happens when a person consume alcohol and experiences hang over. Similar hang over is felt after a person has eaten lot of sugar in a short span of time and lies down for sleep. Similar kind of hang over head ache is felt. I call it shutting down the metabolic path ways. That results in low actual blood sugar during sleep. Cause low waste removal in the morning.

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  1. I wanted to share something I just learned recently about diabetes and that is it’s most commonly a degenerative disease one of many and that most of the degenerative disease in today’s society is a result of an acidic body. Caused from our high acid diet of packaged and fast food, sodas, sport drinks and beer.
    It was shown by 2 time Nobel Prize recipient Dr Otto Warburg that changing the blood PH even just a little to the alkaline side slows down the degeneration and eventually it goes away because it’s the wrong environment.
    I know of several and I have heard of others that within a couple months of drinking Alkaline Antioxidant water that you make at home, with a quality water ionizer, were able to get off insulin completely. It is worth looking into, I know personally I have had tremendous pain relief from arthritis. And I hear every day from people I share water with how much it has done for them.

    1. Every system in the body has checks and balances. Body tries to remain in constant. As it was before. If there is a change in water intake to reduce acidity, the body will slip into that acidic zone again by making suitable adjustments. If that was a case, any person following wrong eating and other habits will die in a matter of few days.

      The suggested water routine cheats the defence system of the body and makes recovery possible. Drinking water on Day 1 and not drinking water on Day 2 cheats the body and resets it monitoring systems.

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