High-Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Reasons, Diabetics, Hypertension

My understanding on which this article is based

  • Blood pressure, Diabetics, Heart Disease and Stroke are metabolic syndrome diseases. One thing leads to other.
  • Metabolism is energy intensive process
  • During sleep the metabolic process drops to 5 to 10% of the day time levels. So there is 90% or more drop.
  • During sleep the body carries on the process of repair. It is during process that the excretions of the body are processed. Proper working of the body during sleep should ensure morning Bowel Movement and emptying of the Urine Bladder.
  • Fasting, rather morning Blood sugar is lower then random sugar reading during day time.
  • After a person is diagnosed with Diabetics he stops consuming sugar still his blood reading shows high glucose content.

What could cause High Blood Pressure, Diabetics, Heart Disease and Stroke

During day time the body converts the sugar stores into blood glucose. This blood glucose is used to run our vital organs. The vital organs use about 80 to 90% of the total blood glucose produced. Vital organs like Heart, Brain, Kidney liver etc. These are very important organs and they get the first priority in allocation of the glucose available in the body.

The physical movements of a normal person consumes only 10 to 20% of the total Blood Glucose.

People who eat Lunch around 1-2 pm and dinner around 10-11 pm would not have proper metabolic process during sleep to digest the food that they would have eaten at 10 pm. The lunch sugar would have been used since it is 8-10 hours instead of normal gap of 5-6 hours between 2 meals.

What will happen in such cases.

The vital organs would have to depend on the blood sugar available at the time of sleep. There is no fresh blood glucose generated. The glucose stored as FAT and which is easily accessible in used in few years. Then there is no easily accessible glucose stores in the body.

As a result the blood glucose start falling short during night. The working of the vital organs suffers. The process of eliination/ excretion also suffer. This causes build up toxics in the body.

When the body carries this extra toxics in the body, this extra toxics starts the destructive process of killing the cells to extract the blood sugar. This weakens the nerve system, muscles and heart. This toxic is kind of extra burden which has to be carried continuously in the body. This is also the normal defence system of the body.

The areas/ facts which are important to support the above theory but there is not much study on the same are as under –

  • A pre-diabetic is a person who reports high fasting blood sugar in the morning and low blood sugar after a meal.
  • A normal person who is not diabetic should report low fasting blood sugar. If he does movements without eating anything after getting up in the morning, his blood sugar should drop. But as per my calculations his blood sugar will increase. That means which metabolic process simply shuts down during sleep.
  • After getting up in the morning the metabolic process starts and the break down of sugar stores starts without eating any anything. If the person has not eaten any thing that would mean there is break down of sugar stores of the body.
  • After studying the above pattern the following solution will emerge as a solution –

Short term Solution of Diabetics

Eating more sugar before going to bed. That ensures better bowel opening in the morning. Which kind of testifies that the vital organs carried out the work during sleep more efficiently.

Taking early dinner so that sugar stores are more accessible to the person during sleep.

Due to toxic build up in the body the cell death continues. The cell death causes the metabolic process to suffer further. The ability to digest the plain sugar comes down during day. Because cell death is providing enough of the blood glucose in such a situation.

As a defence system the toxics starts killing the beta cells which are responsible for producing insulin.

But still I personally would consider eating good amount of sugar just before going to bed a right course of measure. The most important thing seems to be proper and efficient working of the vital organs during sleep. If toxics can cause high blood sugar then lack of any toxics can regenerate the beta cells of the pancreas. This will also be defence system of the body. There is no system in the body which works only in one direction.

A request to people in medical field to carry out more studies to find out the patterns of blood sugar.

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