Dandruff cause

Dandruff cause

Dandruff cause

More than 50% of the population of the world has dandruff. Still no credible information on “Dandruff Cause” is available. That is indication of the poor state of research. There are people who do not want common man to be healthy and fit.

It is easy to find out in labs the molecules that form dandruff. The chemical composition of the scalp oil and dandruff etc can be easily ascertained. The comparison of the chemical and physical properties will make it clear that dandruff is the dried oil of the scalp / skin. The chemical composition can easily tell people dandruff cause.

When we wash out hair with soap, what do you observe – the soap lather is thick the first time when we apply soap. In second application of soap in hair the lather has more bubbles and is thin. The lather has more air.

dandruff cause
Thin Lather

In the first instances the soap dissolved most of the scalp oil. After the first application the scalp oil was removed, so in the second application there was no oil left and the lather was thin containing only soap, water and air.

Now do the same with the shampoo some other day. The lather in first application of shampoo will not be thick enough. That indicates that the shampoo did not remove the scalp oil effectively.

People who use the shampoo every day will have very thin lather. The shampoos have conditioners as well. Conditioner coat a layer on the scalp making it impossible for the skin oil to come out. That is the reason for less lather.

Same will be case with people who apply any hair oil. All oils block the oil ducts in the scalp causing build up of natural body oil in the scalp.

Dandruff is nothing but dried out layers of the body oil which is trapped there for years.

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How dandruff cause can be removed

Now that we know the dandruff cause, we can easily remove that. Oil can be removed by using high pH value soaps. Soaps with pH value 10 and above can swiftly remove all the oil from the scalp.

Here it is important to remember that the oily towel will not be able to lift lot of oil from the scalp. So it is important to wash the towel every day or every second day.

But the main dandruff cause is the oil which has been dried up over years. That can be removed by gently massaging the scalp with soft cotton towel every day after a wash.

Dandruff cause can be removed by massaging your dried scalp with light finger tips massaging. After the dandruff cause has been exposed open by the soap washing, the visible dried layers of the dandruff will be there. When we gently massage the scalp with finger tips the dandruff will loosen up from the scalp and fall down. Remember to tilt the head downward so that flakes of dandruff fall outside our head.

Dandruff cause and inflammation

The hardened layers of the dandruff will cause lot of inflammation in the scalp. The scalp will get inflamed very easily during massaging. After the scalp is inflamed the dried up layers of the oil in scalp can not be accessed. Inflammation will cause cause scalp to break up and get damaged. The scalp will get swollen with very massaging session. So it is important to limit the massaging to be very gentle. There should be no inflammation of the scalp. The scalp should feel cool to the touch.

The massaging session should be kept under 1 minute. The number of massaging sessions per day can be increased to get rid of dandruff fast. 5 to 10 session per day would be great.

Dandruff and blood Circulation

The waste products are removed by the lymph system. The lymph system removes the dead cells. So it is important to increase the blood circulation to the scalp. Low metabolic rate causes low blood circulation to the scalp. Hydration dehydration cycles and walk and rest routines will help in increasing the metabolic rate. Drinking water with the meal will increase the blood volume. For this, read the latest hydration dehydration cycles protocol by clicking here.

What other web site are telling you about dandruff cause

Head and shoulders shampoo company web site

The above web site also agrees that more than 50% of the population of the world suffer from dandruff. It says that it is a fungus that feeds on the scalp oil. The solution that these web site have not reduced dandruff from 50% of population to anything lower. That is a good indication that these solutions do not yield anything. The web sites are very popular. They reach almost the entire world.

So there is not point in trying anything which has been tried in past.

What I am suggesting has already given results in my followers. And the results are shocking. The best part is that you do not spend any money while following my suggestions.

Second part is ease of doing. Washing hair, using cotton towel and massaging with finger tips is something that every one with dandruff is already doing. Dandruff causes itching – so we are already scratching our head. Instead of nails we have to use finger tips.

Spread and share this message fast. Let every one enjoy healthy hair, scalp and skin.

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