Dehydration Symptoms – Increase in Urine frequency

Dehydration Symptoms – Increase in Urine frequency

For last 20 days my water intake (which is usually my total fluid intake) was 1-2 glasses in 24 hours. After this my lost control on my bladder. My urine frequency increased significantly. And I could not hold to it once there was even a thought of urine pressure. I had to literally run to ease off. My urine output was substantially more than my fluid intake.

So I increased my water intake to about 12 glasses of water a day for 2 days. The urine frequency increased with the increase in water. But urine output did not increase in proportion to increase in water intake.

After 2 days I started getting control on my bladder.

This happens only in the initial phase of dehydration. Even if a person gives up water for 24 hours, there is substantial increase in urine output after about 15 hours. In this phase the dehydration should be controlled. Otherwise there could be irreversible damage to the vital organs.

The reason

In case of dehydration, the cell starts giving up fluid to maintain the blood acid levels. That is why urine output is more than fluid intake. Beyond a point the dehydration causes serious damage to the tissues and cells.

This is also the reason for prostate cancer and other late age urination problems.

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