Diabetes cure without insulin and medicines



  • During night our body uses only blood sugar.
  • During night our body does not use stored sugar or FATs.
  • During night our body carries out repairs and removes the toxins which are not needed by the body.
  • First thing in the morning we excrete stool and urine. We can say it is the result of work carried out during night.
  • If for any reason the blood sugar falls short of the requirements during night, the excretions will not be 100%. That will result in buildup of toxins in the body.
  • Toxin build up can be cleared either by higher supply of sugar or more efficient use of available blood sugar.
  • More efficient use of blood sugar results into high Blood Pressure.
  • Higher supply of blood sugar can be achieved if the sugar stored in cells for cellular metabolism is released in the blood.
  • The sugar released from the cells cannot be stored by insulin stored in the cells.
  • We call that insulin intolerance.
  • Over longer period of time of very low consumption of sugar, the body’s capacity to metabolise the sugars decrease significantly. So any significant sugar consumption leads to inflammation. Inflammation is the process of excreting the toxins from the body. So any sudden high consumption of sugar results into non availability of sugar to cells of the body due to inflammation.
  • In both the cases – high consumption of sugar and low consumption of sugar the amount of sugar available to cells remains very low.
  • Since the capacity of the body to metabolise the sugar goes down significantly due to low sugar consumption over long period of time, the solution is to provide very small doses of sugar at regular intervals.
  • In fact that may also not work due to higher inflammatory response to any change in sugar consumption.
  • The solution is – to vary the consumption of water significantly on day 1 and day 2 as mentioned in home page of this web site.
  • This will cause change in sugar concentration without there being any change in sugar consumption.
  • Later there will be very small doses of sugar on hourly intervals.
  • This will stablise the blood sugar.
  • Once the blood sugar stablise double the amount of sugar consumption every 15 days until desired blood sugar levels are achieved.
  • So solution consists in –
    • not increasing the sugar consumption levels initially.
    • Change the availability of sugar for cells by changing the total fluid in the body by dehydrating for 24 hours.
    • To encourage more toxin clearance from the body, increase water consumption on day 2 significantly.
    • After 10 days – start sugar consumption ¼ spoon of sugar every hour.
    • After 20 days double the sugar consumption to ½ spoon sugar every hour.

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