Diabetes – Major cause of infertility among men

One of the health complications of Diabetes is infertility. And it is a major cause of concern. More than 50% of Indian men suffer from infertility caused due to diabetes.

Diabetes is the result of cells giving up sugar to help in inflammation process of the body.

Diabetes is characterised by frequent urination. Body is trying to get rid of the toxins stored in the body. Frequent urination is the defence system of the body.

At times diabetes cause diarrhea when frequency urination clear all possible toxins through urine but solid waste builds up beyond reasonable limits. That s also defence system of the body.

The basic and main problem in diabetes is high toxic levels in the body due to low metabolic activities of the cells of the body. The metabolic cellular activity can be increased only by increasing the sugar intake in small doses of 1/4 to 1/2 spoon of sugar in every hour.

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