Dry Eczema Cure

Dry Eczema Cure

Dry Eczema CureDry Eczema Cure

Name of Patient – Raj Kumar Mobile +919971822612

Age 50 years. Male
Suffered from Dry Eczema as per pic for about 5 years
Was using cream since then to get relief from itching.
But was not happy with the cure as itching was still a big discomfort for him
This pic was taken on 26th march 2016

Was used to drinking 4 to 5 litres of water every day.

Asked him to follow the water routines as mentioned on this web sites home page.

Second alternative given to him was to restrict the water intake to 1 litre a day.

He Stopped using the cream and got complete relief from itching 3rd April 2016

He could not give up water completely for 36 hours as suggested to him.

But he restricted his water intake to less than 1 litre a day and got complete relief.

And it is as simple as this in every case of eczema so far.

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