Eczema Doctor in Delhi

Eczema Doctor in Delhi


I live in Vikaspuri, New Delhi, India.


I have shared my experiments with various water routines on this web site. Equally shocking is my experiences with skin health.


During my younger days I used to suffer from nasty big pimples. That spoiled my life. I used to have severe inferiority complex because of these pimples.


I tried every thing. Drinking plenty of water. Washing face 3-4 times in a day. I finished more than 1 bottles of safi inspite of taste and smell. I was a sports person. I never ate junk food. I was not eating lots of diary products. Now i think this could also be linked to my bed wetting problems. This also could be due to side effects of bed wetting.


Skin conditions that have been cured with water routines in less than 15 days

  • Sun tanning
  • skin became fair
  • eczema
  • glowing skin
  • skin itching


The results will simply shock.


That is the power of One Cure for All diseases.


And I am not a doctor.

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