Indian Council for Medical Research Reply to One Cure

RTI Application sent to Indian Council for Medical Research

This is disgusting that inspite of spending trillions of dollars every year the governments all over the world have failed to find the cause of any Disease.

I have been able to treat most of the Diseases including cancer. The details of my experiences with diseases are listed on my web site – You are requested to conduct your tests to find out if my experiments have already been tried earlier and proven wrong.

In particular I would like to draw your attention to the cause of Diabetes and Blood Pressure.

Energy Production – During sleep the metabolic rates comes down to 5 to 10% of the day time metabolic rate. By metabolic rate I mean the conversion of food into blood glucose. During sleep our body runs on Blood Sugar only. There is no conversion of FATs or stores of sugar into blood sugar. Even insulin injected to a person does not work during sleep.

During sleep the body does repair and process the things for elimination. First thing in the morning all humans go to toilet and excrete.

If during sleep the blood sugar falls short of requirement to run the vital process and systems of the body the body will not carry out the elimination processes properly. That will result into toxic build up in the body.

If body carries more toxins, as a defence mechanism the body will leach out glucose from cellular system of the body. The purpose will be to complete the elimination process during day time or next day during night.

The more money people have more sick they are today. Reason more you eat more you need to eliminate. More energy you need during night to process that shit. More chances that you will fall short of the energy.

As the toxins will build up in the body, blood sugar and blood pressure will go up. Both in response to the toxin build up.

Small tests that proved that above is correct has been carried out by me. A diabetic person has lower blood sugar the first thing in the morning after getting up. Blood sugar after 1 or 2 hours of waking (without eating or drinking any thing) is more by 30 to 40 points. That shows that during sleep the body uses only blood sugar. Increase in blood sugar means that as per internal calculations of the body, the body fell short of required energy and now trying to recover.

A person on Insulin can recover in 5-6 days and be free of Diabetes in 6 to 10 days by alternating water on day 1 and day 2. More details on my web site mentioned above.

Please let me know if any research has been carried out so far by any one in India on the above lines. If research on the above points has been done please provide me complete details of such research.

Indian Council for Medical Research reply to One Cure for All Diseases

No information exists with them on the above matter. The application forwarded to Ayush.

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