Insomnia Cure-Alcohol

Insomnia Cure-Alcohol

According to article on  alcohol may help in inducing sleep in a person in short term. But in long run it may stop working and may cause insomnia as well as other medical conditions.

Alcohol has high level of sugar.

My experience with Insomnia is as under –

Those with insomnia have low sugar tolerance. If they consume sugar in large quantities they can not digest sugar at all. So to cure insomnia I have tried to consume very small quantities of sugar (1/4 spoon to 1/2 spoon) 6 to 10 times in a day.

That helped people falling asleep in a matter of hour. The quality of sleep induced by the above system was terrific.

I simply wonder – if the things are so simple why so many people in the world suffer from Insomnia.

I request people to help others by telling their sugar eating patterns and habits. Mention of body weight in addition to sugar consumption will help in drawing valid conclusions.


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