81 Year old Diabetic Cured

Blood Sugar and Blood pressure Cure

My mother is 81 year. She had open heart bypass surgery done in 1992.

She has high Blood sugar. 2 arteries are blocked for more than 7-8 years now. She has high blood pressure and is on medicines for that as well. She was recommended pace maker about 6-7 years back. She had several hospitalisations in last 2 years. During each hospital admission there is huge pressure on us for getting a pace maker. But we have been avoiding pace maker on the belief that pace maker is harmful and causes sudden death.

Main concern during hositpalisation was that – blood sugar is going very low or very high. She had gangrene as well last year. She is on insulin for last 25 years or more. Her insulin was 3 times in a day. 25 units in morning. 10-15 units in after noon and 20 units at night.

For last 4 months she is taking 4-5 spoons of sugar every day. She takes 1/2 spoon of sugar at a time or say 1/2 spoon in one hour.

Gangrene gone. Blood sugar less then 200 all the time and not going below 100. Insulin 5 to 10 units once or twice a day. Blood pressure medicine reduced. Condition very stable. Better energy levels.

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