Supplements and their working

Most of the supplements are sold saying that it has huge number of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.

Yesterday a friend of mine told me that he is seeing huge benefits of Shilajeet. He said that he has been told that there are 84 minerals needed by the body. I started thinking how it must be working in the body. Because I have huge experience of so many things which are advertised to be very good and beneficial for the health.

For reaching to this conclusion, I had the following thing at the back of my mind –

It says that a nasal decongestant loses its effectiveness after few days. However some time back it read that decongestants starts causing congestion after 4-5 days. And that statement helped me save my father from 100% death chance in the hospital.

How to know what is in excess in our body

There are lot of minerals and other substances in our body. But there is no way to know exactly which one of these are in excess or shortage. Because the excess condition (or shortage conditions) is relative. Relative means – it depends on excess or short presence of other substances. If there is more sugar (carbohydrates) in the body, body may need more of salt to remove those carbohydrates.

That means no amount of science can tell you what is in excess or shortage in the body.

Now how does these so called beneficial supplements work –

When we take any supplement which contains lot of minerals, some of these minerals will already be in excess in our body. When we take some more of these minerals, the body gets into defence mode. It starts eliminating the excess on emergency level.

Let us say the level of a particular mineral ‘X’ in our body is 200 mg. We consume 50 mg more of ‘X’. The body will gets into defense mode to may remove 75 mg of ‘X’on the first day. But to remove that 75 mg of ‘X’ from the body it uses some other minerals or substances in our body.

Now the mineral ‘X’ in our body is 175 and let us say the right amount of mineral ‘X’ in our body is 150 mg, we will see huge benefit of that mineral. We will go for that supplement in a big way.

Now what will happen after 4-5 days. The minerals needed for removal of mineral ‘X’ will¬†become too less in the body. The function of removal of mineral¬†‘X’ cannot be carried out any more and further some other functions of the body will suffer due the shortage of the other minerals.

And we will spend rest of our life in trying to understand what else may have gone wrong.

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