Yoga promotes acidity and poor digestion

On world Yoga Day, I wrote a note titled –

Yoga is violence to body and Mind

I tried giving some explanations as well. I am happy that Yoga people were quite tolerant and took my comments easy.

But no one except one gentleman commented. One sole comment was – That some one should look into my claims seriously since the note raised some scientific issues.

No one came forward to collaborate.

Around first week of September 2015, I spoke to a Yoga teacher who was actively teaching Yoga every day for 2 hours and practicing the same himself. I asked him about acidity, digestion and how his stomach handles spices.

His reply was – that while talking to me he is uncomfortable due to acidity. He can not eat outside food. He has very poor digestion. And he cannot eat anything spicy.

I explained my last note to him. The Note that was sent to PM Mr. N. Modi.

My final suggestions to him were –

  • Give up Yoga
  • Do not drink water and other liquids for 1 day (36 hours) at least once in a week.

As simple as it gets.

After 7 days I met him again. Requested for his feedback. His feedback was –

  • So far he gave up water for one day only.
  • And he got complete relief from acidity.
  • He wanted a well written note in Hindi to be circulated among his disciples.

I sent same note to Mr. N. Modi PM thru Twitter and to some more celebrities. Result – no feedback from any one of them.

I wish them best of luck for digestion. I wish they can enjoy their foods.

Please read my previous note on – Why Yoga is violence to body and mind at –

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