Type 1 Diabetes Cause treatment

Type 1 Diabetes Cause treatment

March 24, 2021 – I got a call from parents of a 6 year old girl. She was diagnosed with Type 1 in February 2021. She was admitted to hospital ICU for 2 days. At the time of admission her Blood sugar was 700. The parents were told that the girl also had Celiac disease. Before we try to find a good treatment of diabetes we need to find Cause of Type 1 diabetes.

Since signals were not clear the discussion was on whatsapp call and was not recorded. Hopefully I will arrange a zoom session with the parents soon and upload on my youtube channel soon. My youtube channel is Rajinder Bhalla. You can also find my youtube channel by the name “One Cure for All Diseases.

Main points discussed with the parents were as under –

I asked the mother – what do you think – how many times a 2 year child should be fed or given meals. The mother replied – every 2 hours.

That is the main cause of type 1 diabetes among children.

The girl used to be given 750 ml of milk every day. 250 ml or more every day – Morning, evening at 4 pm and again at night. Practically she was eating or drinking something every hour.

Before she was diagnosed with diabetes she was drinking more than 2 liters of water a day. Before she was admitted to hospital she had stopped eating. She was sleeping most of the time.

Yesterday I got feedback about a 2 year old child. She was getting at night for meals or feed. The child was complaining of stomach ache also. I suggested that the child should be given meals or feed only 4 times a day, which should be gradually reduced to 3 meals a day. Within 3 days the child stopped getting up at night.

I googled “How many time meals should be given to a new born baby” and found a web site at number position – Click here for the link to the web site

It said that a child should be given 8 to 12 meals in 24 hours. I am no expert in such matters. But consider that more than 50% of the infants suffer from acidity. This data comes from people who can afford the luxury of feeding a new born 12 times a day.

Also consider that there is a positive relationship between acidity and Diabetes.

I have more than 500 videos of acidity patients. All get relief from chronic acidity by restricting the meals to 3 times a day with 1 glass of water with each meal. More frequent meals or water or other drinks causes acidity.

Now understand why a newborn may not requires more meals –

During growth of the child in the womb, her mother is eating 3 meals.

A healthy normal persons eats 3 meals a day. Those who eat more frequently have indigestion. Indigestion leads to low metabolism. Low energy. The vitals of a normal adult person are –

  • Blood pressure – 120/80
  • Blood sugar 60-100 (Fasting) and 100-140 (PP)
  • Heart rate – 60 to 90

An infant (new born’s normal vitals are –

  • Blood pressure – 65/35
  • Blood sugar 45-126
  • Heart rate – 100 to 205

According to my mind metabolism is determined by the vitals. So it can be said that newborns have slow metabolism. That means that they take more than normal time to digest the feed. Though feed of the infants is liquid so it is considered that they will digest it faster. This seems to be wrong perception. Even adults take more than 5 hours to digest normal cow milk. Mothers milk is much more nutrient. So it should take a child more time to digest the milk keeping in view her vitals and other details.

Moreover the prevalence of a norm of 8 to 12 feeds accompanied by 50% or more acidity problems in infants the above conclusion seems to be wrong.

To be on safe side the infants can be given 4 to 5 meals initially which can be gradually reduced to 3 feeds a day. That will help the child to shift to solid food faster. Biggest indication of indigestion is stomach ache or frequent irritation and crying of the child during night.

A 6 year old child will demand more fluids in case her milk intake with so much calcium is high. 750 ml milk a day is too much for a 6 year old child. By age 2 or max 3 years the milk should be stopped or given once or twice a week. Excess of milk products can make a child very thirsty.

Even after spending time in ICU the parents are still without a good diet plan for the child. Child is still being given food every 2 hours or early.

Thirst is not a sign of dehydration. Same hunger is not a sign of need to eat food. These are the biggest mistakes which the pharma industry is pushing hard to make people very sick.

The child is taken for a walk for 1 hours every day in the morning.

Child is given excess fiber in the form of salad. Child is given neem water. Fiber is poison for the body in this situation. Neem is also poison for the body. Neem will cause the body to remove the irritating food as soon as possible without any digestion.

Type 1 Diabetes Cause treatment

My suggestions –

5 minutes Walk and 5 minutes rest. To be done within home only. No walking for 1 hour. Walking 1 hour is foolish. Who ever is suggesting such a thing should be taken to court.

3 meals a day. At 8 am, 2 pm and 8 pm. For the other details of fluid / water intake click here

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